JoJo Siwa on 'The J Team' Being Her 'First Big Project' as an Adult (Exclusive)

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The J Team is full of milestones for JoJo Siwa. As the 18-year-old performer shares while co-hosting Monday's Entertainment Tonight, the project is defined by a lot of "magical" firsts. 

"It's my first project that's being released as an adult, like, my first big project," she shares. "It was my last project being filmed as a kid, but my first as an adult." 

Siwa stars in the movie as a fictionalized character based on her own famous persona. When her dance group gets a new instructor that doesn't value individuality, she's forced to get rid of her bow and blend in with the rest of the group. 

Learning to accept people for their differences is a theme Siwa wants fans to take away from the movie. "You can not only be who you are, and it's OK, but also, you can be what you want to be, and it's OK," says the multi-hyphenate, who also served as executive producer on The J Team. 

"Being the lead in a movie was magical, and then being the executive producer was magical," she says. "... It gave me a great, great, great experience on the film, being on that side of it." 

It's a big week for Siwa. In addition to celebrating the release of The J Team on Friday, she'll also be kicking off rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars, and making history as the first contestant with a pro partner of the same sex. 

"When I read the email it was like, 'Would JoJo prefer to dance with a girl or with a boy?' And I was like, 'Wait, that's an option? Let's absolutely do it!'" the Dance Moms alum recalled. "It was a like, 'Whoa, I'm changing the future' [moment], because I have such a kid demographic. It's making it acceptable, and I love that and I'm so proud of that."

Siwa is doing it all with the support of her girlfriend, Kylie. 

"She hypes me up," the Nickelodeon star gushed. "She keeps me on my toes. She's my best friend and she's my girlfriend and I love her so much. And she knows that she's the coolest." 

The J Team premieres on Friday, Sept. 3, exclusively on Paramount+.

For more from Siwa, tune into Entertainment Tonight on Monday. Check your local listings here


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