Jon Gosselin Explains Why Son Collin Didn't Join Him for Fourth of July

The former reality star celebrated the holiday with girlfriend Colleen Conrad and daughter Hannah.

Jon Gosselin had a fun Fourth of July with his loved ones.

The former reality star shared a photo from his holiday weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Instagram, smiling alongside his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and his daughter, Hannah. Jon also addressed fans who might be curious about his son Collin's whereabouts.

"Happy Fourth of July ?? to every one!!! Sorry for the late post!!!" he captioned the pics. "Collin had other plans with his friends this weekend, that’s why he is not in the picture (shame I have to explain all that, but I just did)!!!!"

Colleen also shared a few shots, writing, "Happy 4th of July!! Missing Collin who dissed us for his friends."

Hannah and Collin are two of the 16-year-old sextuplets Jon shares with his ex-wife, Kate, and the only two that live with him. When ET spoke with him back in May he opened up about not seeing most of his kids, and sent them a heartfelt message. Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden live with Kate, as did 19-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, before going away to college. Aside from Hannah and Collin, Jon said he doesn't often speak with his other children.

"My wish is that all my kids would just be together, like, hang out together," he candidly shared. "Kate and I don't live that far away from each other and I feel like there's an invisible wall. They should just be able to just get together. I mean, I have no qualms about it. If they wanna go meet each other, just go ahead. But I feel like it's more on the other side."

Jon explained that he's "not stopping them from coming together," adding that he "can't speak for the other side."

"I'm hoping that when my kids -- and they will get their license, and when I say my kids I'm referring to Hannah and Collin -- that they'll just drive to school and pick up their siblings. And legally, no one can stop them from doing so."

As for Mady and Cara, they haven't talked to Jon in "six years or seven years," he said. "I just give it time, maybe as adults they'll come talk to me. I don't know."

"The time has been so much, I mean, when I look back it is upsetting, because I did spend a lot of time with my twins," he said. "But they told me they don't want me to talk about them in the press, so I try not to talk about them in the press because I don't really know them."

See more from ET's exclusive interview in the video below.



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