Jonah Hill Joins 'SNL' Five-Timers Club With Help From Tina Fey, Candice Bergen & Drew Barrymore

Jonah Hill at 2018 Met Gala
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time over the weekend, and as a special treat was inducted into the coveted five-timers club.

While delivering his monologue, Hill was joined onstage by fellow five-timer (and former head writer) Tina Fey, who lead him to the iconic club room, where they met fellow members Candice Bergen and Drew Barrymore.

After exchanging pleasantries, Hill asked, awkwardly, where any of the male members of the five-timers club were, and was informed that they'd all been kicked out because, in one way or another, they'd done something problematic.

In Tom Hanks' case, Barrymore said his Toy Story character, Woody, had some very questionable quotes, including, "There's a snake in my boot!" 

They also called out the time Timberlake "ripped off a woman's top on stage at the Super Bowl," leaving Hill one of the only male members of the club, as it currently stands.

The star-studded sketch also featured a walk-on cameo from 16-season castmember Kenan Thompson, who brought Hill a cocktail.

"Oh, that's cool. They let you in here too?" Hill asked.

"This is my show, I let you in here," Thompson quipped as the crowd cheered uproariously.

Finally, Hill was gifted with this coveted five-timers jacket. However, it was a little different than the traditional jackets worn by Fey, Bergen and Barrymore. Apart from the black sequined lining, it was also incredibly short, coming up just above his waist.

"Is this, like, a woman's jacket?" Hill asked, awkwardly.

"Any jacket can be a woman's jacket," Fey shot back, with an insinuating tone in her voice.

It was a great, politically conscious (yet self-deprecating) start to one of the funnier episodes of the season thus far.

Saturday Night Live airs every Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT, on NBC.


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