Josh Lucas Weighs in on a Potential 'Sweet Home Alabama' Sequel (Exclusive)

The actor co-starred in the 2002 romcom with Reese Witherspoon.

Josh Lucas is ready to return to Sweet Home Alabama! ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke to the 51-year-old Yellowstone actor, who revealed that he's eagerly awaiting Reese Witherspoon's go-ahead to make a sequel to their film, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in September.

"I would love to. I've campaigned her. I'm not gonna say that she's the problem, but I think part of it is that Reese is so busy," he told ET. "...  I really believe that -- I'm assuming, I hope -- she wants to be part of it. Carving out that piece of her life isn't so easy for her. I don't have the same responsibilities or time constraints, so I hope that she could find a time to do it. I'll be there tomorrow."

While Witherspoon's busy schedule may be holding up the continuation of Melanie and Jake's love story, Lucas couldn't be more proud of his co-star's success.

"I go back to when we were shooting that movie, I had this moment where I was like, 'Wow, this woman is a really brilliant, powerful person,'" he said. "Not just, obviously, being a great actress, comedian that she was -- she's in her mid-20s at that point. I said to the director, I said to a couple of people, 'Reese is gonna run a movie studio.' They were like, 'Really?'"

Though she may not be running a studio, Lucas' prediction wasn't far off, as Witherspoon currently has her own production company, Hello Sunshine. "If you look at what she's doing, she's become a mogul," Lucas marveled.

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Lucas' latest quotes about the movie came the month after Witherspoon reflected on the iconic project. ET spoke to the actress at the premiere of her latest producing venture, Something From Tiffany's, which made her think back on her and Patrick Dempsey's Sweet Home Alabama's scene in the iconic jewelry store.

"I think there is something so magical about that Tiffany's moment. I hear about it all the time... That moment from Sweet Home Alabama just really stays with people," she said, before recalling what it was like to film the scene.

"I think I was like, 24 years old, and it was a night shoot, so we were up all night, and they had closed down the whole store, so we were allowed to walk around and look at all the jewelry, everything," she said. "It was just magical. It was very magical."

While fans cross their fingers for a Sweet Home Alabama sequel, they can get their fill of Lucas on season 5 of Yellowstone, which airs Sundays on Paramount Network. The actor stars in the series as a younger version of John Dutton, a role taken up by Kevin Costner in present-day.

"It's a remarkable job. The thing that strikes me, obviously, there's the passion of the fans and the people who love the show so much and that grows all the time as people discover it... but what I am struck by more than anything is the level of passion and the family-like atmosphere that this crew and cast has together," Lucas told ET. "They work out in the middle of nowhere Montana, they're very isolated and they work incredibly hard. Everyone involved in the show is attempting to do something special and they're pouring their souls and hearts into it."



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