Josh Peck Spills Details on Upcoming Project With Drake Bell (Exclusive)

The actor tells ET that he and Bell are not working on a 'Drake & Josh' reboot.

Josh Peck's upcoming project with Drake Bell is not a Drake & Josh reboot. 

ET's kid correspondent, Devin Trey Campbell, spoke with the new dad at the 2019 Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, where he spilled details on the collaboration he and Bell have in the works. 

"I wouldn't call it a reboot. I think it's just an opportunity for Drake and I to be working together again," Peck explained. "Obviously we love each other and we were able to make such an impact on people [with Drake & Josh], so any chance to do something dope together, it's really exciting for me." 

"It's going to be good. Y'all will like it," he added. 

Speculation over what the former co-stars could be working on intensified last week, when Peck and Bell were spotted seemingly wrapping up a meeting outside the Viacom office in Los Angeles. 

"We're trying to go for a Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, same guys, but in a whole new set of scenarios [type of project]," Peck told ET. "I don't know [when it's premiering]. We'll see! ...It's exciting and it's in the works."

Peck also opened up about his friendship with his former Grandfathered co-star, John Stamos, and how they've gotten closer since both becoming dads. Peck welcomed his first child, son Max, with wife Paige O'Brien in December, while Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, welcomed son Billy last April. 

"Actually, John Stamos brought Billy to the hospital to meet Max. So, it was really special. I just can't believe I'm friends with John Stamos! It was a very cute moment, but let's talk about how I have famous friends," Peck joked. 

In all seriousness, the former Nickelodeon star is loving being a dad. 

"[Max is] like, nonstop cuteness, which is pretty great. But he's already started to appreciate that song 'Baby Shark,' which is scary but also amazing," he said. 

See more on Peck in the video below.