Josh Peck Shares What John Stamos Has Taught Him About Fatherhood (Exclusive)

The former 'Grandfathered' star, who's expecting his first child, tells ET about the tips he's gotten from his former co-star.

Josh Peck is excited about fatherhood.

The 31-year-old actor revealed last week that he and his wife, Paige O'Brien, are expecting their first child together -- and he's already getting parenting tips from his former Grandfathered co-star, John Stamos.

"Stamos is already crushing fatherhood. No joke," Peck told ET at the Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan premiere on the Battleship Iowa at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California, on Friday. "Can you imagine John Stamos changing a diaper? I mean, that baby is lucky. But his son, Billy, is gorgeous and if I can get anything quite like that, I'll be overpaid."

Stamos, who welcomed son Billy in April, has already taught Peck so much about fatherhood, especially to "be around." "He's done this incredible, beautiful transition into being a dad," Peck expressed. "And I know that he wanted to have a kid for so long. So to watch him sort of flourish in that way has been a joy."

Peck and O'Brien shared the exciting news on their social media with a beautiful photo of the two and her noticeable baby bump. "Oh baby. Literally, there’s a baby in there. Love u @paigeobrienn,"  the actor captioned the shot.

"We actually just decided a couple weeks ago [to share the news]. But all credit is due to my wife because anytime I look cool it's due to her" the former Drake & Josh star jokingly told ET.

As they prepare for the arrival of their new bundle of joy, do they have anyone in mind to be their baby's godfather, perhaps Stamos?

"Maybe, you never know. Stamos as a godfather? Not bad," he said. "I'd want him looking out for my kid for the rest of his life."

Peck also had nothing but amazing things to say Kraskinski in his new action spy role: "What can't that guy do? He's a great writer, director… He's going to crush it."

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is streaming now on Amazon Prime.