Drake Bell and Josh Peck Reunite at 2017 MTV VMAs: 'We're Back Together!'

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Drake and Josh are officially back together!

Drake Bell and Josh Peck reunited at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, weeks after their wedding drama. 

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Bell documented the big reunion on his Instagram story, declaring, "This is real. This is happening. The reunion is official. We're back together!" as Peck shared a pic of the pair's embrace.

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ET sat down with Bell last month, where he revealed that he "probably shouldn't have" called out Peck on Twitter for not inviting him to his wedding. 

"You know, it's like sibling rivalry for a minute," he explained. "It's just what brothers go through, what best friends [go through] and it's the yin and yang of brotherly love."

"I love the kid," Bell continued. "I would work with him until I'm 80 years, you know...So no hard feelings, It's just when you've been so close to somebody for so long, I mean, there's just certain things that you know, 'Hey why'd you do that? C'mon man.'"

See more in the video below. 

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