Josh Richards Clarifies His Relationship Status Amid Dixie D'Amelio Dating Rumors (Exclusive)

The social media star just turned 21.

Just friends! Social media star Josh Richards set the record straight on Saturday, denying the rumors that he and Dixie D'Amelio are romantically involved. 

"We're not dating, we're just friends right now," Richards told ET at the Kids' Choice Awards. 

Richards added that while he is single, he doesn't hope to stay that way. "I think I'm ready to get into a relationship soon probably," he said. "It's been a while." 

Richards dated singer Nessa Barrett until early 2021. D'Amelio dated influencer Noah Beck until Nov. 2022. 

As far what he's looking for, though, Richards has an open mind: "Just be a loving person," he said. "That's all I need." 

Richards just finished celebrating his 21st birthday, telling ET he reigned in the special year by renting out a club. 

"Invited a bunch of my friends," Richards said. "I think it was a good time, don't remember a lot of it," he joked. As far as the new milestone age, Richards added that the best part is "not panicking when I get asked for my ID." 

The Kids' Choice Awards aired on Nickelodeon last Saturday. At the entrance, Richards sported a purple three-piece suit and complementary colored hair that he said had been a spur-of-the-moment decision. 

"It was kind of just an impulsive decision last night at 10 pm," Richards said. The hair, he said, was inspired by Brianna "Chickenfry" LaPaglia, a fellow influencer who is currently sporting pink hair.