Josh Richards Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship With Nessa Barrett (Exclusive)

The TikTok star talked to ET about his love life, career and the end of Sway House.

Josh Richards is setting the record straight on where his relationship stands with Nessa Barrett. In an interview with ET's Katie Krause, the TikTok star revealed that as of now, the pair are "best friends," but whether or not that translates into the couple getting back together is another story.

"I have no idea. I mean, I think that if we're meant to be, we will be," Richards told ET.

When it comes to another one of TikTok's favorite couples, Bryce Hall and Addison Rae, the 19-year-old social media star said that while he's not surprised by the allegations that Hall cheated on the He's All That star, that's for them to talk about. Hall has denied the cheating rumors. 

"I'm the wrong guy to ask, right? I'm not in their relationship, sadly. It's just Bryce and Addison. So, that's all for him to speak about. And that's for Addison to speak about. I don't really want to put words into their relationship or anything that they don't want to put out on the internet, you know?" Richards said of the couple. 


As for the other breakup in his life, while Sway House may seemingly be over, it's a "lifestyle" that lives on.

"I think that people, they're just throwing what they hear on the internet together. They're just throwing on those pieces, but Sway's a brotherhood. Sway's a lifestyle. So, at the end of the day, as long as people are continuing to post and talk about it, I think that Sway's alive," Richards said.  

The internet sensation went on to say that Sway House functioned to help all the guys follow and achieve their dreams. Some of the group have gone on to move to the Triller House.

"People are all heading in different directions, as you can tell with this production company, with me and Mark [Walhberg], and then you see Jaden killing it on the music side, and you see Bryce now, really focusing in on the YouTube and entertainment, the stuff with Austin and the fighting, the boxing. Everyone's going down their own route," he explained. "Everyone's following their path. And that's what Sway was for. And I think that's what people are missing out is, Sway was that family that all worked together so that we could follow our dreams and achieve those."

Richards is turning his focus to a production company he started with Wahlberg. In partnership with Wahlberg's production company, Unrealistic Ideas, CrossCheck Studios will focus on Gen Z content. 

"Yeah. Yeah, we're going to be really focusing on the unscripted side of content, but definitely going to be that hub for anyone in Gen Z, wanting to create that type of content," he said of the new venture.

As someone who grew up watching Wahlberg, Richards calls it an honor to be working with the multi-talented actor.

"I mean, for a kid that grows up idolizing Mark Wahlberg and watching his films and seeing him be able to pivot his career from the Calvin Klein model to Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch to now doing movies and then opening up Wahlburgers. I really respect the fact that he's a titan," the Triller investor gushed. "He's able to really pivot his career and that's something I've done throughout my social media careers, continuously pivot. So, I just really respect that and to be able to work together with him is definitely an honor."

Watch the video below to hear Barrett dish on why she and Richards are still so close.




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