Julia Garner Previews 'Ozark's 'Intense' Final Episodes (Exclusive)

The actress also shared why her 'Inventing Anna' role felt like a 'breath of fresh air.'

It's only February, but Julia Garner is having quite a year!

First, the actress returned to the screen in her Emmy-winning role as Ruth Langmore on Ozark, capping off the first episodes of the crime drama's fourth and final season with a meme-worthy scream and a promise to exact revenge on the drug kingpin who murdered her cousin, Wyatt.

"It's always funny because... by the time it comes out, I forget like, how intense it was," Garner told ET recently of the revelations that set up Ozark's final episodes, due out later this year.

"You’re just going to have to wait," she teased. "It gets more intense. It gets very intense. The ending of season [4A], the first half, was just the beginning of the intensity, that ending."

While fans wait for more Ozark, Garner can next be seen playing a completely different but equally compelling role: convicted fraudster Anna Delvey, in Shonda Rhimes’ true-crime limited series, Inventing Anna

A far cry from Ruth's Southern drawl, the actress had to master a complicated accent in order to portray the German expat, who pretended to be an heiress as she conned hundreds of thousands of dollars out of New York’s high society and financial institutions. 

Garner first started by learning “a German accent and then Russian and then put it all together,” she explained, adding that she had to subtly layer in a British accent. And because Anna spent so much time in New York City and interacting with Americans, “musically it shouldn’t sound European. Musically, it sounded American.” 

"One of the reasons why I love doing accents is it’s almost like wearing a wig. There’s this sense of separation between the character and the actor," she explained. 

The actress also shared how "amazing" it was to step into a new character after four seasons on Ozark.

“It was a really nice breath of fresh air after Ruth. As much as I love Ozark and Ruth, the clothes on Delvey are next level,” shared Garner, who, as Delvey, got to wear top designers, including, “that Alaia dress that she wears, that baby doll black dress that she wears with the Celine glasses. That felt the most Anna Delvey.”

Ozark season 4A and Inventing Anna are both streaming now on Netflix.


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