Julia Michaels & Lauv Reveal Secret to Their 'Intimate' Chemistry in 'There’s No Way' Video (Exclusive)

ET was exclusively on the set of the 'There's No Way' video, where Julia and Lauv explained the meaning behind the catchy new song.

Julia Michaels and Lauv, both well-respected songwriters in their own right, have teamed up for a new smash song, “There’s No Way” -- and it’s every bit the dreamy, honest, catchy collaboration you’d expect. 

ET was exclusively on set of the music video with Michaels and Lauv, both 24, where they dished all about the duet.

“The song is basically about when you meet somebody and, like, you just know that there's something there,” Lauv shares. 

“It’s inevitable,” Michaels adds. “There's a feeling you have with somebody, a specific somebody and the connection sometimes is so strong but sometimes the timing is off… But it's almost like you know it's gonna happen in time.” 

Thematically, the video follows suit, depicting a tale of “out of sight, out of mind,” as two musicians start falling for each other while on tour. Only problem, the timing is off, and they never actually cross that line because they’re both in other relationships.  

“You get to know each other and you spend every day with each other and you start to feel connected to somebody even though you know you have a completely different life outside of it,” Michaels explains. 

“So what you just saw was basically us wanting to be together but can't,” she says of the moment in the video where the pair are dancing in an empty concert venue, alone. 
Neither artist is a stranger to turning real life into music and both admittedly have felt the feelings they describe in “There’s No Way.”

“I think we've probably both felt that,” Lauv confesses. “I think a lot of people feel it and they, like, never act upon it… or maybe you do and it becomes a thing.” 

“It's also, you know, writing is like a blending of perspectives, so it's a little bit of everybody's personal situations in the room,” Michaels adds.  

And while their chemistry is off the charts in the video, the twosome assure ET they are just “buddies.” 

“It's definitely a friendship that's developed over time,” Michaels says. “When you write songs, I mean, it's a very intimate thing… you get to know a lot about a person in a very short amount of time. It almost forces you to have chemistry and then it's up to you and the other person to keep it going.”

The song will likely appear on an upcoming Lauv album, but both singer-songwriters are hard at work on new music. 

Watch the full music video below and go behind the scenes in the player above.