Julia Roberts Shoots Down a Negative Commenter Who Insults Her 'Ugly' Nail Color

Julia Roberts

The 'Pretty Woman' star is issuing out clap backs!

Big mistake, huge. 

Julia Roberts may be new to Instagram, but already she’s an expert at the perfect clap back. 

The 50-year-old actress was featured on a vintage fashion account for the stunning Dsquared2 black gown she wore to the premiere of Ben Is Back during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, and was compared to that of Joan Crawford. 

One commenter wrote, “Joan Crawford looks way better in my opinion, more classic and refined and Julia is wearing ugly black nail polish!”

Roberts didn’t let the comment slide, writing back, “@anniemagic11 It is in fact a navy polish with garnets crystals as a grounding accent. In case you would like to edit your comment from ‘ugly black nail polish’ to ugly navy polish with Garnet crystals. Just sayin’.” 


Other commenters quickly applauded the social media novice on her excellent response. 

ET caught up with the Oscar winner at the premiere of Homecoming during TIFF over the weekend, and Keltie Knight asked her if she snapped countless photos for Instagram before picking the perfect one. 

“I don’t. I probably should do that!” she quipped. "I guess that’s what I should do.”

For more from ET's exclusive interview, including a cute exchange with her frequent co-star, Dermot Mulroney, watch the clip below: