Julianne Hough Teases New Mysterious Wellness Project to 'Help People Connect to Themselves' (Exclusive)

Julianne Hough
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Julianne Hough has something intriguing in the works.

On Thursday, the 30-year-old actress and dancer revealed to fans online that she's launching a new business in the wellness industry. Soon after, she released a statement to ET exclusively about this passion project.

"I've been working on this project, really my whole life, but intentionally the last two years," she wrote. "It's something that I believe will help people connect to themselves in a deeper way, therefore being able to connect with the people around them. I wanted to reach out to people all over because it's an inclusive company that wants to give equal opportunity to those around the world that want to create impact."

Hough also released a clip on social media in which she calls on her followers to participate. In particular, she's seeking out experts in the various fields of wellness and mindfulness.

"Hey, you guys, I'm so excited to tell you about a project that's I've been working on," Hough says in the clip. "But I can't tell you all the details yet, but just know that it is a mission-driven and impact-driven company that is all about helping connect back to their truest self and making their greatness just exude out of their bodies!"

"So again, I can't tell you too much about it, but I can tell you that we can't do this on our own and we really need your help," she continued. "So this is where you come in. We're looking for instructors that are really well versed in mindfulness, yoga, dance, nutrition, wellness, all around wellness."

"It's something that is really going to help create possibilities for people's lives," she concluded. "So if that is something you want to do and impact the world and create change, then we need you! So check down below."

In the clip's caption, she added that auditions for these instructor roles will take place in May.

Check out the full clip up above.


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