Julianne Hough Would '1000 Percent' Plan Derek's Wedding, Reveals Whether He's Ready to Say 'I Do' (Exclusive)

The former 'DWTS' judge also opened up about whether she and Derek plan to retire from dancing.

Three months after her own wedding, Julianne Hough is ready for another! 

The 29-year-old dancer isn't looking to walk down the aisle again -- but she is looking forward to planning the big day for her older brother, Derek, when the time comes. 

"1000 percent," Julianne told ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday of whether she'd like to plan his wedding (Derek told ET it was either that or he'd elope). "I would love it so much." 

"That was the only thing about the wedding... it was amazing, but now I don't get to plan anything else. That's sad," she explained. "So all my girlfriends, my guy friends, Derek, I'm like, 'If you need any help, hint hint.' I love it!"

Derek has been dating Dancing With the Stars troupe member Hayley Erbert since 2015, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's ready to say "I do." In fact, he told ET last week that he doesn't feel the pressure to get engaged "at all." 

"I've seen Julianne's love with Brooks [Laich] -- them together, seeing what they have, it makes me want to make sure," he said of his sister's marriage, after she tied the knot to Laich in a gorgeous Idaho ceremony in July. "I want to marry once. I want to be with that person that I love dearly. I want to get to know that person. I feel like if anything, it's something that I don't feel like should be rushed into doing at all."

"He's kind of where he's at, enjoying life, and he's very focused on the next chapter of his life too, with his career," Julianne told ET on Friday. "He's my best friend and whenever it happens, I'll be so happy. Or if it never happens, I'll be so happy. Who knows?!"

Julianne and Derek are both entering the next phase of their lives, with the blonde beauty working with Fitbit as she trains for her role as fitness pioneer Betty Weider in the upcoming movie, Bigger.

"Right now [I'm] definitely focusing on my acting and developing projects and shows," she shared, revealing whether she and Derek plan to retire from dance in the future. 

"Derek and I have a different sort of passion and love for it. I'm OK to maybe not be on stage every night performing, while I think Derek still loves that feeling of being on stage performing," Julianne said. "I might not be on stage, touring around the country forever, but I don't think I'll ever stop dancing." 

See more from ET's sit down with Julianne -- including why she left DWTS! -- in the video below. 

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