Julie Chen Moonves Gives 'Big Brother' Season 25 House Tour (Exclusive)

The season 25 premiere of 'Big Brother' is right around the corner and ET is giving fans an exclusive sneak peek.

The new season of Big Brother is about to kick off -- which means a whole new Big Brother house theme for fans to enjoy and for the houseguests to navigate over the next three months.

Ahead of the season 25 premiere, stalwart host Julie Chen Moonves invited ET for an exclusive tour of the Big Brother house, so fans can get pumped up for the excitement to come.

"The Big Brother Multiverse is the theme for season 25," Julie explained. "What does that mean? That means the game has turned upside down, anything can happen. Expect the unexpected more than ever... We've never had alternate universes like this."

Taking some design cues from sci-fi franchises, comic books and even artistic surrealism, the new Big Brother Multiverse house is throwing the 16 new houseguests into chaos and a totally unfamiliar new setting.

The new living room -- featuring a pneumatic tube that will deliver messages to the houseguests from the producers -- is decked out in a classy space theme, complete with wallpaper featuring astronomical constellation maps and telescopes.

Some rooms take the theme of turning the game upside quite literally, with upside down dressers, flower vases, mirrors and more.

It took a crew of 22 people just over eight weeks to design and build all the details and rooms inside the Big Brother house, where the contestants will duke it out for the $750,000 grand prize.

Although, as fans learned last week, this season will feature an amazing twist -- the return of three previous fan favorite houseguests: Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes and Frankie Grande!

"They broke into the house thinking they could change their fate. They feel wronged that they never won Big Brother," Julie said, explaining the narrative context to this year's theme. "Well, their plan backfired and the consequence was they created the Big Brother Multiverse."

"Those three past houseguests are legends. They are three of the most memorable, three of the most clever houseguests we've ever had," Julie shared. "So, when they broke in, they thought they might be able to change their fate. They didn't change their own fate, they changed the fate of the 16 new houseguests and what they're in for this summer."

This fractured Big Brother Multiverse is visually represented in the house itself, with different parts of the house existing in different universes, so to speak, accessible through a lightning bolt-shaped design, designating the boundaries of each universe.

One universe includes the upside down bedroom -- where it looks as though you're walking on the ceiling -- while another is a comic book universe, in which all the walls and furniture appear to be cell-shaded drawings colored with old-timey Ben-Day dots, giving it the look and feel of a 1950s pulp comic (or a Roy Lichtenstein painting).

There's also a fairly freaky horror-themed bedroom, decked out to look like a basement medical laboratory with hints of zombie apocalypse thrown in for good measure.

"This bedroom you would think is the Have-Not Room, because it does not look nice, but actually it's not," Julie explained. "Check it out, hands coming out of the walls, hands on the other side of that wall, very creepy and disturbing. Rust, dirt, beds that look like they are not up to any code... this room is made for you to not feel comfortable."

With a living room and dining room that features two universe colliding, a plus Head of Household room that allows for some premium spying opportunities and an absolute slew of Easter eggs and subtle jokes hidden throughout, this season's houseguests (and Big Brother fans) are in for a wild surprise and an exciting season ahead.

Big Brother season 25 kicks of Wednesday, Aug. 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and Paramount+.