Julie Gonzalo and Ryan McPartlin Investigate a Pageant Murder in Hallmark Mystery: First Look (Exclusive)

'Cut, Color, Murder' premieres Sunday on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Julie Gonzalo and Ryan McPartlin are teaming up for a new murder mystery.

The duo leads Hallmark Movies & MysteriesCut, Color, Murder, which premieres Sunday, and only ET exclusively premieres a first look photo of Gonzalo in action and a sneak peek from the film.

Cut, Color, Murder kicks into high gear when a beauty pageant creator is found dead. A savvy hairdresser, Ali (Gonzalo), works with a detective, Kyle (McPartlin), and risks everything to clear the names of those she loves. Eva Tamargo also stars as Carol.

In ET's exclusive clip, McPartlin's Kyle gets introduced to a new case when he pays a visit to popular pageant director Mitzi (Rebecca Staab), who's less than forthcoming about a suspicious break-in in her office. She's immediately thrown off by his big-city presence, but Kyle isn't deterred.

"What exactly happened here?" Kyle asks as he pokes around her extravagant but disheveled office.

"Well, I'm not a professional like yourself but my best guess would be a break-in," Mitzi sarcastically says, causing Kyle to have a laugh at her bluntness.

"Exactly how new are you?" she asks again, but Kyle ignores her question -- instead, asking if anything specific is missing.

"Well, it's impossible to tell. I didn't want to touch anything." And when asked whether she has any idea who may be a suspect or who may want to gain an upper hand, well, the list is endless -- it being pageant season and all.

Is Mitzi in danger? Considering the premise of the movie, we'd bet yes.

See ET's exclusive photo from Cut, Color, Murder, featuring Gonzalo, below. 

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Cut, Color, Murder airs Sunday, Feb. 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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