Justin Bieber Gets Emotional About the 'Changes' Album Release in 'Seasons' Finale

How Justin Bieber Reacted to Watching Back Footage From His Docuseries
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After 10 episodes, Justin Bieber’s YouTube docuseries is coming to an end.

After 10 episodes, Justin Bieber’s YouTube docuseries is coming to an end. Seasons offered fans an unflinching look inside the singer’s world as re-emerged from his hiatus and returned to the studio to record new music for the first time in years. 

In the episodes leading up to the finale, fans saw Justin open up about his creative process, his ongoing health battles -- including the revelation he has Lyme disease -- as well as past issues with drug and alcohol abuse. The series also shared rare and never-before-seen moments between Justin and his wife, Hailey, who also shared her perspective on life with the singer. 

Now, as the series concludes, Justin is reflecting on his journey leading up to the release of the album, Changes, and coming out of the darkest time in his life. Additionally,  Billie Eilish, Usher and DJ Khaled also appear on camera to share their thoughts on the singer’s growth.

Here are the biggest revelations from the finale of Justin Bieber: Seasons, which is now available on YouTube Premium.

Hailey says it had been two years since they dated when they got back together. In that time, they had to “learn each other all over again.” “Obviously, we had grown up and things were very different,” she says, adding that it was interesting having to get to know this person she thought she knew so well and then just realizing that actually never stops. 

“You never actually stop getting to know someone even being married,” Hailey says. “We couldn’t get any closer but as time goes on, I learn more and more… and I hope that never stops.”

Later, Justin and Hailey go to an ice skating rink with his entire family. Justin’s mom says it is awesome seeing him play hockey with some of his old friends and just be him -- this is stuff he likes to do and stuff he is good at. 

The docuseries then features interviews with Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, Big Sean and Usher, who says imagine being a kid and not having the opportunity for any normal experiences. 

“Everything is scrutinized, calling you to be perfect but you’re not,” Usher says. “It’s a gift but a curse.” Echoing that sentiment, DJ Khaled says to grow up in that spotlight isn’t easy while Big Sean says when you make music or have a hit, it is like catching lightning in a bottle. “So if you do it once, they want you to do it again and again,” Sean adds. 

Meanwhile, Billie says he is doing better and that makes her so happy. She cares about him more than anybody in her life. The fact that he is just moving forward and going is just huge, she adds. 

Justin says he was a kid and had no control over everything. The respect level was different. He was so much younger than everybody. Now, going there and setting the tone is what he wants to do. He leads by example of how he wants the tour to go. In the past it was like, “This is the Justin Bieber show,” and he wasn’t focused on other people like that, he was focused on himself. His whole perspective change will make everything run a lot smoother, make him happier, make the people around him respect him more.

As Justin gets ready for the Changes tour, Hailey reveals she’s never been on the road. She is not an artist, so she doesn’t know what it’s like, but she would say she loves to pick up and go and be traveling and moving, but she won’t be there the whole time. She will come in and out, but she has to work and do her thing. Her goal is to just create a home away from home for Justin.

Leading up to the promotional tour for the album and docuseries, Justin says he really loved everybody on set, they have made it super easy for him to express himself. He was in such a vulnerable place, he wanted to capture this but can’t just have anybody come in so he thanks the documentary crew.

The rest of the episode counts down to the release of the album, documenting his appearances on Saturday Night Live as well as interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden and Jimmy Fallon.

On the day of the album release, Justin gives an emotional speech. “I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs, everybody in this room, for the most part, played an enormous role in the success of this album. I’m grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you, guys.”

Justin concludes by saying that at the end of the day, relationships are everything. They’re more important than any collateral. “Things don’t fulfill you,” he continues, adding with a smile: “Spend your time getting close to the people around you.”