Watch Justin and Hailey Bieber's Wedding Videos in Romantic Episode of 'Seasons' Doc

Justin Bieber takes audiences inside his wedding to Hailey in the latest episodes of his 10-part YouTube docuseries.

Romance is in the air as Justin Bieber takes audiences inside his wedding to wife Hailey Bieber in the latest episodes of his 10-part YouTube docuseries, Justin Bieber: Seasons. The unfiltered access is the latest from the 25-year-old singer, who is opening up like never before as he documents his return to the studio after a four-year hiatus. 

In the first four episodes, Justin got very candid about the creative process behind his new album, rebounding from a dark period in his life and his romance with his wife. In later episodes, he didn’t hold back as he detailed his ongoing battles with drug abuse and Lyme disease. 

Ahead of the latest episodes about the wedding, Hailey opened up to Elle about her concerns getting married during the singer’s comeback. “When we first got married, we were just figuring out our life together. I felt like putting a wedding in the middle of all of that would be really hectic and stressful,” she said. However, Hailey was proven wrong as the two were able to walk down the aisle without much of a hitch or bump in the road along the way. 

Here are the biggest revelations from episodes seven and eight of Justin Bieber: Seasons, which is now available on YouTube Premium:

Justin is seen driving a motorcycle, when Hailey says that he loves to pick up a new hobby. “Right now he is trying to learn how to unicycle,” she continues. “He is just good at everything and it is annoying. He picks up all these hobbies and he’s so good at them and there is nothing he can’t do.” 

Meanwhile, the singer says he can play any sport and that he loves playing hockey, soccer, riding bikes and motorcycles as well as snowboarding and skateboarding. “Everything is just a lifestyle of who I am and what I enjoy,” he says, explaining that he takes inspiration from the way he lives. “I love fashion and I think I get fashion from all sorts of walks of life.” 

His longtime friend, Ryan Good, reveals that Justin wanted to start a clothing brand, Drew House, nearly two years ago. Justin says he wanted to create something that has substance. “He is really involved in finding different artists to work with and silhouettes,” Ryan says. “People have responded really well.”

The episode then moves on to Justin and Hailey’s wedding as the two discuss getting engaged and making plans for the ceremony. 

“We got engaged and we were like, ‘Yeah, we are not in a rush to plan a wedding, we are chilling,’” Hailey says, before explaining that the reason they got legally married was so they could move in together and live in the same home. “We didn’t believe in doing that until we got married.” 

“And then moving in together and living together and sharing space, we kept learning more about each other,” she continues. “It just took away all the pressure of the scary part of getting married.”

But despite being married, Hailey knew that she wanted to have a wedding, so she could share that with her family and have those memories to pass along to their kids. 

“I’m not really a big bridal person,” Hailey says, claiming she’s not crazy about it. She is obviously involved in the planning and she knows what she wants but she is not letting the details stress her out. 

Justin says she was involved in pretty much all of the decision-making as far as the wedding was concerned. “I just basically showed up,” he says, before they reveal that the singer had more of a hand in some of the details than the two claimed. 

Hailey says they had one original seating table vision and she showed him the photos and he was like, “Can we change this completely?” Justin says there were too many flowers on the table and told her to take them off. Hailey says she had an original idea to do flowers all over the table and he said people won’t be able to see each other. “How am I supposed to eat with these flowers in my face?” he countered.  

At the end of the day, they just decided that smaller and intimate would be better for the two of them. They wanted people there who had been super involved in the journey and are still super involved in their lives currently and part of their day-to-day lives right now.

The following episode shows the couple as they gather with friends and family the night before, during the rehearsal dinner and all the behind-the-scenes details leading up to the big day.

The next morning, cameras follow Justin as he’s getting dressed. While he’s getting his bow tie done he says, “Your life is just way more fun with that person. You just become one.” Justin later shares an intimate moment with his dad, Jeremy, who tells his son, “I am proud of you.” 

The cameras then show Hailey as she’s getting her makeup done once she is in her dress. She then recalls being at her sister’s wedding and crying in the hotel room afterward. She admits that she was really lonely for a long time. 

“Even though I was around people all the time, I would remember so many times going home and just crying myself to sleep,” she says. “I felt like I am going through this journey, I get to see all these cool places and travel and get to experience all these cool things but would come home at the end of the night and it’s just me.”

Hailey explains that they kept it “really small because it makes it so much more fun.” The intimate setting kept all that crazy energy of their day-to-day lives out and let them enjoy their day together.  

During the ceremony, Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, is heard saying, "This is a young man who used to play pranks on me as a kid who is now standing in front of me at a wedding saying his vows and being in love with someone who is remarkable."

“I am happy he’s back," Scooter continues. "I’ve seen a change in Justin when Hailey came into his life. She made him a better man.”

Later, pastor Carl Lentz asks Justin if he takes Hailey to be his wife, and he says, “I will.” In a cute moment, the singer gets confused about what he’s reciting and asks the pastor what it means to everyone’s delight and laughter. Hailey says it all happened perfectly -- even them stumbling over their words. “It was so meant to be,” she says. 

While it was an intimate ceremony, there was no shortage of A-listers, with Jaden Smith, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and her daughter, Stormi, among the guests with Usher and Dan + Shay providing live entertainment. 

The episode ends with Justin performing “One Less Lonely Girl” for Hailey, who was giddy and happy to be serenaded by her husband during such a special moment in their lives.