Justin Hartley and Ellen DeGeneres Have a Show That Might Make You Cry More Than 'This Is Us'

Justin Hartley and Ellen DeGeneres
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Justin Hartley's on a mission to make you cry!

The 41-year-old This Is Us star is no stranger to making audiences emotional in his role of Kevin Pearson on the NBC series, so, when he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month, the host pitched an idea for a new show starring both of them. Called This Is Onions, fans got a look at the hilarious parody show -- billed as "a brand new show where everyone is constantly chopping onions" -- in a new video released on Wednesday.

"I had an idea for a show that goes way further than these shows are willing to go," DeGeneres, 60, said of This Is Us and other similar shows that are notorious for working their viewers tear ducts.

The trailer starts with DeGeneres, wearing a baggy pink suit and a brown wig, chopping onions when Hartley storms in and exclaims, "I don't know how to tell you this."

The actor proceeds to tell a sobbing DeGeneres, "I got the test results back and everything's fine. We don't need a new muffler."

"That's nice," she responds amid hysterical tears.

In the next scene, DeGeneres tells Hartley, "I need to tell you about your real father." The declaration will strike a chord for This Is Us fans, who have watched Randall, another character on the series, find his birth father on the show after being adopted as a baby.

"So you're saying the father that I believed was my father my entire life is not actually my real father?" Hartley, through violent sobs, exclaims.

"No, no, it's him. I don't know why I used that phrase," a crying DeGeneres clarifies. "I should have said, 'Your father.'"

Last, in perhaps the biggest reference to the series, Hartley and DeGeneres -- who are now in gray wigs to signify aging, a call out to the series that uses makeup on actors who appear in multiple time periods -- discuss a slow cooker. The cooking device is a sore spot for fans, who watched the show's patriarch, Jack Pearson, perish when one caught fire last season.

"I have some terrible news... it's terrible. You know that old slow cooker that we got from our neighbors? Yeah, well you know you left it on all day. OK? It kept getting hotter and hotter and the kids! All the kids were home alone," Hartley announces around his tears. "... You forgot to put the onions in. It's going to taste like garbage!"

"Your real father is going to hate that," DeGeneres quips back. "Why do I keep saying that?"

During Hartley's appearance on the show earlier this month, the actor carried DeGeneres on his back while planking for charity. 

Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Hartley
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Last month, ET caught up with Hartley, who revealed that the dramatic nature of the show makes him nervous about the possibility of Kevin's untimely death. 

“I’m not going to -- listen, I’m not too cool for school. I’m going to tell you the truth, I mean, 'worry' is a strong word," he said. "I don’t worry about it but I do think about it when people bring it up. [Kevin] was on very thin ice there last season, so we’ll see what happens.”

Watch the video below for more of ET's interview with Hartley:


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