Justin Hartley Says He's 'Happy' With His Personal Life Amid 'Gossip'

Justin Hartley at the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The 'This Is Us' star is taking all the headlines about his personal life in stride.

Justin Hartley is taking all the headlines about his personal life in stride.

The 43-year-old This Is Us star spoke to SiriusXM's Bevy Smith on SiriusXM's Radio Andy on Thursday and opened up about how he deals with all the gossip threatening to overshadow his acting work. Hartley abruptly split from 39-year-old Selling Sunset star -- and current Dancing With the Stars contestant -- Chrishell Stause in November. She later said on Selling Sunset that Hartley had blindsided her with their breakup, texting her that he had filed for divorce 45 minutes before the news broke.

Hartley pointed out on Thursday that not everything everyone reads is true, and that the people he associates with base their opinions on facts and not clickbait.

"I think people want to know about other people's personal affairs, but it's just, I would just caution people," he said. "I caution my daughter on this all the time. I tell her, 'You really can't just believe something because you read it.'"

Still, he isn't letting the headlines about his personal life overly bother him, noting that ultimately, he's doing well.

"It's OK," he said. "And I think that, I don't know. I'm really happy with where I am. I'm happy with my career. I'm happy with my personal life. I'm healthy, I'm safe. I mean, I'm all of those things. I'm very thankful. And for the people who ... want to just, you know, dive into the gossip and believe everything they read, that's fine too."

"If they're getting entertainment from that, I think it sort of comes with the territory, but I've also sort of always had this view that ... I will have a public life, but I will be very private about my personal affairs," he added.

Hartley is now dating his former Young and the Restless co-star, Sofia Pernas. Earlier this month, Stause admitted that seeing her ex move on has been difficult.

"I feel like anybody would be heartbroken to see how quickly or easily you are replaced; of course that's going to sting," Stause told People. "I've had to start over so many times in my life. I always know how to look at the bright side because there’s been a lot of dark."