Justin Timberlake Joins in on the 'It's Gonna Be May' Quarantine Memes

Justin Timberlake
Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

The former *NSYNC member is encouraging people to stay inside by using a hilarious meme.

Justin Timberlake is getting in on one of the internet's favorite memes. In an Instagram post on Monday, the 39-year-old former *NSYNC member shared a clip of Lizzo singing along to one of the boy band's most popular songs, "It's Gonna Be Me."

The track, which was released in 2000, has often been memed thanks to the title line, which Timberlake sings to sound like, "It's gonna be May." In his version of the meme, Timberlake urged people to stay inside amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"When’s the next time we leaving the house, @lizzobeeating??" Timberlake captioned the video, with the implied answer of "it's gonna be May." 

"But, for real... jokes aside... STAY IN!!!!" he added.

Lizzo responded to Timberlake's post with the tearing-up emoji.

Other memes that use the same *NSYNC line and reference coronavirus include one that reads, "Roses are red, April is grey, the next time you leave your house it's gonna be May" and another that jokes, "Me: When can I leave my house again? The government: it's gonna be May."

Timberlake participated in the joke last year as well, sharing a clip from the song's music video on April 30, which he captioned, "YOU ALREADY KNOW."

Watch the video below for more on Timberlake.