Justin Timberlake's 'Fun' Next Album Is 'Done and It's Coming,' Timbaland Teases

The super producer likens their next project to 2006's 'FutureSex/LoveSounds.'

Justin Timberlake is gearing up to grace our ears with new music! This, according to his longtime collaborator, Timbaland

The prolific producer, 51, tells Variety that he and Timberlake, 42, have completed a new album together and that "everything sounds great." 

"Now it's really on him how and when he envisions it to come out," Timbaland reveals. "But it's done and it's coming." 

Asked to describe the sound, Timbaland says, "It's fun Justin," likening the project to 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds.

"But nothing too heavy, just giving you what you expect from us," he continues. "Music is a young sport — of course, we’ve both seen a lot of life, but you have to bring out the 13 year old kid again, you know? We had songs that maybe were too complicated, so we said we want it to feel like FutureSex part two, so we did songs that will fit that."

The duo previously teased that they had been working on new material back in August of 2020. In an Instagram post at the time, Timbaland wrote, "FUTURE SEXY LOVESOUNDS pt ✌🏾🤐🤐" on a photo of him and Timberlake performing. He followed that post up with a video of them sampling beats in the studio in December of 2021.

Timberlake and Timbaland go way back, as far as JT's 2002 debut album, Justified. In fact, Timbaland would go on to work on JT's next four albums as well, including the 2006 hit album FutureSex/LoveSounds, which earned them two GRAMMYs with "Sexy Back" and "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows." They'd earn another GRAMMY with "Pusher Love Girl" from the 2013 album The 20/20 Experience. Timbaland also produced JAY-Z's 2013 hit, "Holy Grail," featuring JT. That track also won a GRAMMY in 2014. Most recently, Timbaland produced JT's fifth studio album, Man of the Woods, which dropped in 2018.

Timbaland also opened up about working on new material with Missy Elliott.

"We’ve got a lot of songs we’re gonna start recording soon, and my dream is to have it out around her birthday in July. I want it to sound how she looks -- she looks incredible right now," he says. "I know how Missy works: It’s got to be new and fun -- or maybe not so much new as kind of underground, and everything is upbeat. Some of it has a kind of Latin feel to it, almost a Bad Bunny effect, some of it's kinda like underground Brazilian funk. People gonna eat it up -- and it might reach a different demographic of people. It’s like it’s her doing… not reggaeton but Missy-ton."

Last fall, Timberlake celebrated a major milestone as he and wife Jessica Biel rang in 10 years of marriage and revealed that they had renewed their wedding vows

"10 years ain't enough!" Timberlake captioned a carousel of photos and videos of them together. "You make me a better husband and father every day! I love you so much you beautiful human! Run it back!" 

Ahead of their milestone anniversary, Biel opened up about the couple's love story at the premiere of her true-crime series, Candy, which featured an on-screen cameo from Timberlake.

"Well, I'll have to give Justin the credit in this moment, for this one thing that he always says to me: 'We might be married, but we have to keep dating,' and it's so true," she told ET last May. "You just have to keep making time for each other and you have to keep making each other a priority. And do the things that you love together."

She continued, "It's not always easy, as we all know, but those touchpoint moments make all the hard times palatable."