Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals How Her Boyfriend Feels About Her Fangirling Over Justin Bieber on 'DWTS'

Kaitlyn Bristowe
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Earlier this season, Kaitlyn Bristowe hit the Dancing With the Stars stage to deliver a routine dedicated to her boyfriend, Jason Tartick. On Monday, she all but dedicated her performance to a different man she has strong emotions toward -- Justin Bieber.

The Bachelorette star and her pro partner, Artem Chigvintsev, danced a samba set to Bieber's hit single "Sorry," and Bristowe couldn't help but fangirl out over the pop singer during a video package that aired before the routine.

Bristowe and Chigvintsev spoke with ET following Monday's performance, and she reflected on the nature of her Bieber obsession, and how her boyfriend felt about her public declaration of adoration.

"I think he just found that out tonight when he was watching. So I don't know what he's gonna say about this," Bristowe said with a laugh. "[But] he already knows about my insane love for Bieber."

"He just doesn't know to what extent," Chigvintsev chimed in.

On Monday's DWTS, Bristowe didn't hold back when it came to her level of fandom, explaining in the video segment, "This is gonna get really creepy, but I always have dreams that I'm friends with him, I really do."

"I love that he's just covered in tattoos, and I want to get Bieber's face tattooed on me," Bristowe said to an increasingly concerned Artem during the episode. "He's that cute."

This bold declaration was something Bristowe reiterated when asked how she'd react is Bieber were to do something like tweet about her performance or publically support her on her DWTS journey.

"I would have to immediately go find a tattoo artist and tattoo his face on me," said Bristowe, who does sport nine tattoos already -- although none featuring the singer.

"I've always brooded for Justin," she explained. "I don't know if it's the Canadian in me or just like understanding going through what's he's gone through at his age and what his fame and fortune and everything [have done]. I've just always rooted for him and thought he came through it in such a wonderful way."

That being said, Bristowe made it perfectly clear that her boyfriend should not be worried at all about her "love" for Bieber, as it's absolutely not romantic in nature.

"You heard it from the horse's mouth," Bristowe shared. "I'm here to say it's a friendship vibe and I feel like we could be homies."

Regardless of how she feels about Bieber, Bristowe and Chigvintsev managed to deliver a fun, powerful samba while dancing to the pop star's catchy tune, and the pair ended up walking away with three 9s for a total score of 27 out of 30.

The score was the same that they achieved during '80s Night the previous week, and placed them in a four-way tie at the top of Monday's leaderboard. However, Bristowe has no intentions of resting on her laurels -- especially after judge Carrie Ann Inaba critiqued her for holding back when it comes to dancing with her full range of emotions.

"I was not expecting the 9 [from Inaba], so when that happened I was like, 'Okay, now I really want to show her next week that I can do it," Bristowe shared.

Next week's Dancing With the Stars, which they're calling Villains Night, will see the 10 remaining contestants performing routines that celebrate some of the biggest baddies in pop culture, just in time for Halloween.

Fans can see the remaining celebs dance their hearts out in all their spooky glory on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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