Kaitlyn Bristowe Says Ex-Fiance Shawn Booth Forgot Their Anniversary Last Year

Shawn Booth & Kaitlyn Bristowe
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for The Kevin Carter Foundation

The former 'Bachelorette' also forgot how old Booth was turning last year.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth weren't that concerned about the details. 

During an episode of her podcast, Off the Vine, recorded before she and Booth announced their breakup, the former Bachelorette star said that Booth had forgotten their anniversary. 

Bristowe appeared to cut Booth some slack, explaining that their anniversary date could be hard to pin down. "We met and had our first date, but I was also dating multiple men," she explained. "So does that count as our anniversary? Or does our anniversary count as the time we got engaged?"

It seems the personal trainer just couldn't get it right. "He actually forgot our anniversary last year," Bristowe said. 

"He was like, 'To be fair, you had just dumped a guy five minutes before deciding, I guess, I'll pick this guy,'" she added. "'OK, at the end of the day, you forgot our anniversary. You're being a d**k right now. Just own that.'"

It wasn't as if Bristowe always got everything right, either. Last year, she thought Booth was turning 32 instead of 31. "Doodle is just as confused as Shawn. Turns out he's 31. Fiancé fail. Happy Birthday Shawn B. #Whoops," she captioned an Instagram photo of her then-fiance standing next to his "32" balloons at the time. 

Bristowe and Booth announced their decision to end their engagement after three years together, on Friday. In a statement to ET, they explained they were going in "different directions," but planned to support each other as friends. 

A source, meanwhile, told ET the couple had essentially been "estranged" in recent weeks and that their romance was affected by Booth becoming more involved in his Nashville gym, which recently opened. 

According to another source, the Off the Vine podcast host has her own projects to focus on. "It's just a matter of them growing apart," the source explained. "Kaitlyn is so strong and amazing and will be fine. There will be new adventures ahead."

Over the course of their relationship, both Bristowe and Booth opened up about the challenge of making it work. Watch below.