Kaley Cuoco Says It Was 'Love at First Sight' In 'Meet Cute' Story with Boyfriend Tom Pelphrey (Exclusive)

The actress tells ET how she and her beau shared an instant connection.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey had quite the Hollywood meet cute. 

At the red carpet premiere of her new film, Meet Cute, in New York City on Tuesday, Cuoco told ET's Rachel Smith that she and her new beau shared an instant connection at another premiere event back in April. 

"We have the same manager," Cuoco said, "so we met at the Ozark premiere."

Pelphrey, who played the troubled Ben Davis in the Netflix drama, was on-hand as one of the show's stars. Cuoco happened to attend as a guest of her manager that evening. 

"I went inside, I was so excited," she recalls, "and we met there -- and it was love at first sight."

The starry-eyed actress gushed, "He's the cutest of all."

In Meet Cute, Cuoco plays a single woman named Sheila who discovers a time machine that allows her to travel back in time to a date she had the night before with a man named Gary, played by Pete Davidson, over and over again. However, when she starts going back to moments in Gary's past to try to change him into her dream version of the man she wants him to be, things get even more complicated and messy.

In real life, Cuoco, 36, and Pelphrey, 40, took a big step in their relationship just last week while attending the Emmys together.

According to ET's insiders, the pair were all loving looks and light touches throughout the event, showing off sweet and subtle PDA on the same night that they made their red carpet debut as a couple. Cuoco had a hand on Pelphrey's arm as they chatted near the stage and, while seated at their table, the couple kept their bodies and chairs facing each other lovingly -- as if they were in their own world, entirely. When a photographer asked to snap their photo, Cuoco happily said, "Sure!"

Christopher Polk/NBC via Getty Images

Later, Pelphrey's pal, Sebastian Stan, stopped by to greet the couple and snap a selfie.

Toward the end of the night, the lovebirds stood up and looked deep into each other's eyes. Pelphrey held on to Cuoco's waist, then they held hands while the Flight Attendant actress sashayed into his arms. 

Meet Cute premieres Sept. 21 on Peacock.