Kandi Burruss Responds to All That 'Masked Singer' Speculation (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the reality star via Zoom on Thursday.

Could Kandi Burruss be The Night Angel?

While speaking with ET via Zoom on Thursday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star played coy when asked whether she's secretly competing on The Masked Singer. Fans have been speculating that Burruss is the voice behind The Night Angel for a while now, especially after Wednesday night, when the character gave a clue about potentially crossing paths with judge Jenny McCarthy in the past. (Burruss has appeared on SiriusXM's The Jenny McCarthy Show multiple times.)

"People say that all the time! They said that season one, they thought it was me, season two they thought it was me, they're saying it now," Burruss explained to ET's Brice Sander. "I guess a lot of people sound like me, I don't know."

The reality star continued to play coy when asked if she even watches the signing competition show, and whether she can talk in a British accent (like The Night Angel does in costume).

"Um, yeah, sometimes," Burruss replied about tuning into the show. "Have you ever heard me do a British accent? I guess we'll have to keep watching it. I'll be watching it too."

During Wednesday's Group C championships, fans had to bid farewell to the final performer from the group -- JoJo Siwa, who was hiding behind The T-Rex mask!

ET spoke with Siwa about her time on the show, and the young entertainer didn't hold back when it came to how much she liked being a part of Fox's unique series.

"I had so much fun on this show. It was awesome. I had the time of my life, it was so much fun," she marveled. "It was a lot of work obviously, but it was so worth it, and so awesome... It was a fun little adventure."

The former Dance Moms star and singer also reflected on her choice of costume and why she ended up becoming The T-Rex.

"They presented me with three different options, and one of the three was a T-Rex, and it's weird because before they were even presented to me I was like, 'Mom, I would like to be some kind of dinosaur. That would be my ideal situation,'" she recalled.

Hear more in the video below.