Kane Brown Reveals What Was 'Way Out of His Comfort Zone' in 'Like I Love Country Music' Video (Exclusive)

ET exclusively spoke to Brown on set for the visual of his hit single, 'Like I Love Country Music.'

Kane Brown is channeling his inner cowboy for the music video for his hit single, "Like I Love Country Music." ET's Cassie DiLaura joined Brown on-set, where he teased what fans can expect from the visual, which took him "way out of his comfort zone."

"It's gonna be some line dancing, cowboy hats, cowboy boots -- something you never seen me in," Brown shared. 

While the confession comes as a surprise, the 28-year-old country crooner said it's never been a part of his look.

"We had when I was a kid," Brown admitted. "It was funny, 'cause coming into the music industry, my roommate was like, 'Dude, it would be cool if you look completely different than every other country artist, so, that’s what we did. He started dressing me, and I just kind of ran with the style from there, so I just never wore a cowboy hat."

The video is also the first time fans will see Brown dancing -- outside of the videos he makes on TikTok. To prepare, Brown's been working with a choreographer to get his line dancing on.

"No," the "Be Like That" singer confessed when asked if he was good at line dancing. "I have an hour with the choreographer today that I have to learn. I saw the dance. It's cool, but I was like, 'An hour?' I feel like I need more time."

It's nothing that a little liquid courage can't fix.

"I brought my tequila with me," Brown revealed. "So, should be fun regardless of what it looks like."

The music video will also see an appearance from Brown's vintage truck and a special pair of leather pants.

"I’m bringing my old truck, which I’m really excited about," he shared. "'78 Ford, so, the truck you see in the video will be mine." 
"I’m kind of nervous about that," Brown went on to say of the leather pants. "But everybody that saw me in them yesterday, was like, 'OK,' and I have a belt buckle. I don’t ever wear belt buckles. It's gonna be a full experience."

He continued, "The outfit is full Valentino. I’m really excited, just 'cause the jacket, you know, is kind of like a rhinestone-y, just all black. It just looks -- I don’t know -- it's a really strong look, but very different for me."

While the getup is totally out of his comfort zone, Brown said he's ready to tap into his cowboy alter ego, Chris Anderson, and line dance his way into our hearts.

"When it came to my wardrobe, I just let my stylist dress me up, and she has a blast doing it, so she usually does a pretty good job," he explained. This is just the way out of my comfort zone, and I told ya'll I wanted to get into acting, so, I'm ready for it."

The line dancing, on the other hand, is just something the singer wants to try out.

In addition to the music video, Brown's currently on his Blessed and Free Tour and is hitting the road internationally with his upcoming, the Drunk or Dreaming Tour.

Kicking off Sept. 17 in Melbourne, Australia the tour will makes stops in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.K. and Europe.

The tour will mark the first time Brown will tour Australia and New Zealand.

"I'm excited. I've never been to Australia," Brown said. "I heard it was beautiful. It's one of my biggest markets outside of the United States, so, I'm really excited to go out there. At first we just thought it was gonna be for a festival, but I think we're over there for two weeks." 

It'll also mark Brown's first time back to Canada and Europe since the COVID-19 pandemic.

"That's cool 'cause we're going to bigger venues. I hope I get to go back to Ireland, that was one of my favorite places," he added.

With restrictions easing around the world, Brown said he "can't wait to go back" and perform for his international fans again. 

"They listen to everything, like, the whole album and they know ever deep cut that you have," Brown said of his worldwide listeners. "It's crazy, 'cause my first time, I didn't know what to expect. It was very humbling, and very cool to go back into like, a 800-2000 seat club. That was awesome."

He continued, "I wasn't used to the fans being that close again, you can't even scratch your butt without them seeing it, but it was an experience, and I can’t wait to go back,"

Fans can check out the video for "Like I Love Country Music" now.