Karen Pittman Reacts to Che Diaz Memes, Talks Possible 'And Just Like That' Season 2 (Exclusive)

The actress discussed with ET the show's memes and coming back for a potential season 2.

Karen Pittman is talking all things And Just Like That.

Pittman appeared as a guest co-host alongside ET's Nischelle Turner on Thursday's Entertainment Tonight, where she spoke about the HBO Max reboot and all the hilarious memes that have come out of the show so far.

"Well, that was quite a production to put together," Pittman said of shooting And Just Like That. "The entire team was really excited about having this one episode that they worked hard to get up. That is storytelling, telling that narrative of how we all came together. It was really satisfying."

The Morning Show actress felt a kinship with the ladies of Sex and the City long before she ever joined the cast as Miranda's law professor turned friend, Dr. Nya Wallace.

"I loved them and I thought that all of the characters in Sex and the City were so groundbreaking, you could see yourself in them," she shared. "Kudos to them that they brought in more diversity and they are including women and making New York look like..."

"New York," Turner chimed in.

When it comes to which one of the ladies she identified with back when the show was on the air, Pittman said she saw herself in all of them.

"I think I was one of them at any time of my life," Pittman revealed.

Their sometimes "cringey" relationship has helped create a few hilarious memes too, but out of all the And Just Like That memes breaking the internet, Pittman said the Che Diaz ones have to be her favorite.

"I feel like anything with Che Diaz in it is...but there are a couple of good memes that I think we still have yet to see. My favorite character, Seema, has some of the best lines," Pittman revealed.

"But the first two episodes where Miranda and I were meeting, there are a lot of good cringey memes coming out of those," she added.

As far as a second season is concerned, Pittman said she'd love to come back.

"I would love to come back," she gushed. "I love all of the writers and creators and [had] a great time with the girls on [it] and I would love to expand even more and have some scenes with Nicole and with Sarita and with Sarah, so, I would be so excited to keep extending the story, keep expanding the role, and continuing to work with those folks."

And she thinks the ladies still have more of their story to tell, outside of what's on this season's 10-episode run.

"I think what's really interesting about this group of collaborators, is that they really do want to have a good story to tell, and I think that they feel like if there's something interesting and original and exciting to expand into, that they're going to go in that direction, and I think that that's still there," Pittman added. "I think all of them have more to say, right?"

While the show has been fun to film and be a part of, it was rocked with scandal early on when Chris Noth, who plays Mr. Big in the original series and the new reboot, was accused of sexual assault by five women. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all came out in support of the women, and Pittman applauded their bravery, telling ET that "they said the right thing."

"I think that Cynthia and Kristin and Sarah Jessica did the right thing, they said the right thing," Pittman expressed. "It’s always really sad to hear that something like that has happened to another woman. We've all sort of been in that position at one time or another, and I think to come out and talk about it, is kind of reliving that trauma again, so, absolutely agree with everything that Sarah Jessica and Cynthia and Kristin said, and really commend those women for their bravery."

And she supports the way the show is handling it too, adding that the show is "women-centric," so making sure that stays at the forefront is important for everyone involved.

Noth has denied all accusations, and the show has since decided to remove additional footage of his character from the upcoming finale. A source told ET in January that the changes to the finale were a collective decision agreed upon by the cast, writers and producers. 

New episodes of And Just Like That air Thursdays on HBO Max.