Kate Bosworth Reveals She Stopped Dating Other Actors After Orlando Bloom Split

Kate Bosworth Orlando Bloom
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Kate Bosworth has nothing but love for Orlando Bloom.

The 36-year-old actress reflected on her former relationship with the Carnival Row star, after he was brought up during her appearance on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

When asked by a caller about the biggest lesson she learned while dating Bloom, Bosworth quipped, "Well, I married a director," adding, "Sorry!"

Cohen added that "actors dating actors" is tough, to which the Blue Crush star agreed and said, "It's no bueno. It's just, it's too much of the same thing. He's so lovely, truly. I'm not being mean."

Bosworth and Bloom dated in 2002, and split in 2005. The actress said that they are still "really, really good friends" and that there is "nothing bad at all" between the two.

Cohen then brought up a recent interview in which Bloom said that she really helped him out during a difficult time in his life.

"I knew Orlando before he was famous at all. So we started dating way, way back in the day… and then it hit when we were together," she recalled. "I think when you kind of go through something like that with someone, it's like you feel like that's a real anchor in many ways, because it was just crazy."

"We would land at airports, and he would have, like, girls lifting their shirts up," she continued. "It was just wild. I mean, if you're just two normal people hanging out, and all of a sudden it just blows up into something really surreal, then you kind of look at the person you're with as a rock in many ways. And I think we felt that way about each other through a crazy time."

Nowadays, Bosworth is married to Michael Polish. On her ex's end, the Lord of the Rings star, tied the knot with Miranda Kerr in 2010. The two separated in 2013 and are parents to son Flynn. Bloom is now engaged to Katy Perry. 

He recently opened up about their relationship, telling ET one of the sweet, thoughtful things they do to show each other how much they care about one another.

"We have a black board and we write messages of love," Bloom shared. See more in the video below.


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