Kate Hudson Rewatched ‘Almost Famous’ With Her Son Ryder: ‘It’s Still Cool’

Kate Hudson talks 'Almost Famous'

Penny Lane forever! Kate Hudson opened up about her 2000 hit Almost Famous during her appearance on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“It holds up,” she said of the beloved film which earned her an Oscar nomination. “I just watched it with Ryder not too long ago. It was really cool to watch that because I hadn’t seen that in so long and it’s still cool. Ryder, he’s 13, so to him it was like, he loved every second of that movie. It’s cool to be a part of a movie like that.”

But Hudson, 38, has no plans to make a sequel to the film, saying, “I would say a sequel to -- I got a couple. Almost Famous would be fun, but I wouldn't wanna touch that. But maybe How to Lose a Guy. That would be fun.”

“How to Get a Guy...” host Cohen suggested.

“How to Get a Guy, would be the sequel,” she agreed.  

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The Golden Globe-winning actress also noted a fun fact about Almost Famous, revealing it was one of Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet’s first roles.

“Eric Stonestreet, one of his first movies, he played the guy behind the counter when the boy goes up and he goes, ‘Your mother called,’” she recalled. “All he did was have that one line but it was such a huge laugh in the movie. And the first time I saw Eric after I’d see Almost Famous, he came up and I was like, ‘I know, man!’ And he was like, ‘I thought maybe you would have forgot.’”

Hudson recently gushed to ET about her “eloquently spoken” son, Ryder. Watch the exclusive interview below: 

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