Kate Middleton and Prince William Fans Hilariously React to Fake Baby Names on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

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Dumbledore Cumberbatch, Treacle T. Winterbottom and more!

It seems like members of the public might have gone a little overboard with their royal baby fever!

As Kate Middleton and Prince William prepare to welcome their third child any day now, Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of the excitement surrounding the family’s newest addition.

In the latest installment of “Lie Witness News” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host sent a staffer out to quiz random people on the street about the royal baby’s name – which has not yet been revealed.  

“It’s the British equivalent of a Beyonce birth, so you can understand,” Kimmel quipped.

The late-night host then sent a camera crew onto Hollywood Boulevard to convince people that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had already picked out a few names for their third child. 

One false name was “Treacle T. Winterbottom,” to which a woman excitedly replied, “I think that Treacle T is a good way to be! Baby T!”

There were some other hilarious picks, including “Dumbledore Cumberbatch,” “Vermouth McGillicutty” and “Humperdinck Patchybottom.”

“My reaction was, 'Wow, and they’re going to have a hard time in school pronouncing that,'” one person said. Another pedestrian added of Humperdinck, “It’s a real British, real cultural name.”  

When the “reporter” told a girl that the couple had named the baby Thomas but instead of an “o” used a donut emoji, she replied, “Maybe [they did it] to seem more hip since Meghan Markle’s about to marry Prince Harry. So that could be it, trying to mix it up a bit.”

Kimmel’s staffer also spread a few more lies, including that the royals “threw the golden goblet of the baby’s urine onto the crowd,” that Elton John performed the circumcision, and that the late John Lennon performed a tribute concert for the child.

“I actually saw a glimpse of it,” one man said of John's fictional circumcision ceremony.

Meanwhile, it took two female tourists a little while to realize that Lennon was, in fact, dead.

For more news on the royal baby on the way, watch the clip below!