Kate Middleton and Prince William Play Bingo With Nursing Home Residents in the Most Wholesome Video

Prince William and Kate Middleton
The Royal Family/YouTube

In case you need something sweet to lift your spirits this week, Kate Middleton and Prince William called out the bingo numbers for a nursing home in Wales, and it's one of the more wholesome things currently on the internet. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called into the Shire Hall nursing home in Cardiff, Wales, where William joked to the staff, "I've never known Welsh people not to know how to have fun."

When it came time to call out the numbers, the royals had some fun of their own. 

"George would like this one -- five and five, snakes alive," Kate said, referencing her eldest son, Prince George, 6. 

"Are we drawing numbers badly?" William asked at one point, causing the staff and residents to laugh. 

The game's winner, Joan, spoke with the couple afterwards and didn't mind giving them a friendly hard time. 

"How did we do at bingo, was it OK?" William asked. 

"Very good. It wasn't as good as it should've been," Joan quipped as the couple laughed. 

The royals have been very busy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the clip below for more of their work:


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