Katharine McPhee and David Foster Discuss the Perks of Touring Together and New Holiday Album (Exclusive)

The musical duo sat down with ET and gave an update on their current tour and family life!

Katharine McPhee and David Foster are enjoying the perks of touring together, their new single "Amazing Grace" -- which is set to be released tomorrow, Oct. 6 -- and being parents! 

ET got an exclusive sneak peek at McPhee and Foster's debut single together, which caused a bit of back and forth between them when it came to deciding on having it on the album. 

"We argued a little bit, not in the bad way," McPhee tells ET. "It's a bit of a debate over whether we should do 'Amazing Grace' because I said, 'It's not a Christmas song, it's a religious song.' The label ended up actually really liking it because we're using it as our first single to kind of get out there, kind of earlier before the whole Christmas craze without it beating you over the head that it's a Christmas song. So it's actually kind of cool that we did it."

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"Amazing Grace" will be featured in the second part of their Christmas Songs album -- which is set to be released Oct. 20. 

"We got a nice response from the first seven songs so we thought, 'Oh, people are kinda digging this," Foster says. "Volume two, we'll just complete the whole thing," McPhee adds. "A couple of my girlfriends are like, 'You're doing another Christmas album?' I'm like, 'No, this is a completion of the first Christmas album.'"

The musical duo have also been together on the road this year as part of the star-studded David and Friends Tour. The tour is set to make a run in North America next month. 

"It's been great," Foster says about hitting the road with his wife. "It's a bit of a shlep."

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"Being together has not been the shlep," McPhee reiterates. "Just the constant packing and unpacking. You wake up in a new city every day and it's just a grind. That's the only part that sometimes wears on you. And you just want to be in your own bed. But when we're onstage for those two hours it's the best part of the whole thing."

Just in time for the holidays, the pair will be home and off the road, and ready to get into their traditions.

"We started this tradition in the desert of having all of my family and all of her family together. We would rent a house," Foster says of Thanksgiving. "And we did that last year. We're gonna do it again this year."

"We just have a great weekend with playing tennis and pickleball and the family's all together and we do two big meals," he adds. "And then for Christmas I don't know, like, we're gonna be in this new house and we're gonna have new memories to create.