Katherine Kelly Lang Reflects on the 21 Marriages She's Had on 'The Bold and the Beautiful' (Exclusive)

The soap star spoke to ET about her 35-year career on the long-running soap opera.

Katherine Kelly Lang is looking back at her time on The Bold and the Beautiful. The soap star spoke to ET's Matt Cohen about the show's 35th anniversary and all the on-screen weddings she's had since joining the show 35 years ago.

"I want to say 12," Lang said before Cohen informed her of her 21 trips down the aisle. "21? I'm going to close my ears."

While the number is still a bit fuzzy, Lang has fond memories of her character Brooke Logan's first wedding on the show.

"I still remember the first wedding that I had to Ridge on the beach, riding a horse down," she shared. "Trotting in and getting off with this, it was kind of like a Cinderella dress. It was just very romantic and very much like Cinderella. So, I loved that dress. I was very partial to that dress, I think, because it was Brooke's first wedding. Besides that there were so many, I can't even remember."

Each marriage held a special place in her character's heart, with Lang telling ET that they were all "so different,"

"Well, they were all so different. And they all have their own personality, and there was Ridge. Well first, of course, Brooke fell in love with Ridge," Lang began. "So then it was Ron Moss, and now it's Thorsten Kaye, so, of course that's her little love of her life and always will be in her mind."

"And then there was the brother, Thorne, and then the father, Eric Forester, and then going back and forth, having kids with the father, being married to the brother," she continued. "And then of course always being in love with Ridge, but then there were the other loves in between the breakups. So Jack Wagner, who's here, she had a great relationship with Jack Wagner, and they were also married."

"And oh gosh, I'm probably forgetting people right now, Don Diamont, who plays Bill," Lang added. "They had a wonderful, very strong and real relationship. I think Brooke felt mostly herself maybe with him. So, that was interesting as well."

As far as what it means to Lang to be celebrating the show's 35th anniversary, and her years as Brooke Logan, the 60-year-old actress called it, "incredible."

"It's incredible," she gushed. "I mean, it's hard to imagine and really to put into words, because I'm so grateful to be here for years, to have a job for years. And I don't even like calling it a job because it's more like--it's like play time. Something that I really enjoy doing. I love coming to work with all of these people. They're wonderful. It's like coming home, we're working with a family. And everybody's so supportive and it's so much fun. And I love getting the scripts every day and seeing what my character's going to be up to."

The long-running soap has just been renewed through 2024, promising even more "love, drama and intrigue in the coming seasons."

"All the love, and the drama, and the intrigue," Lang added. "And I think it's as fun for me as it is for the viewer, and for everybody else here that works at The Bold and the Beautiful."

Though her journey on the show is not done yet, looking back, if there's some advice she could give her younger self, it would be to be prepared as she possibly could.

"When I got the job here at Bold and Beautiful, I was so hungry for it, I was so ready for it, I was so excited about [it], just soaking it all up and taking it one day at a time," she recalled. "I just want to enjoy this moment and every day, who knows what tomorrow is going to bring. So, I would just kind of take each day like that, and be as prepared as I possibly could, because we work so fast here. I think I've had up to 90 pages of dialogue in one day, so it's a lot to memorize, so be prepared."

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS and has been renewed through 2024.