Katy Perry Says She's 'Not Single' During 'American Idol' Finale After Kissing 'Bachelorette' Becca's Hand


The singer hinted at her romance with Orlando Bloom on Monday after flirting with Becca Kufrin on the 'Idol' finale.

Katy Perry once again gave a tiny glimpse into her love life on Monday during the season finale of American Idol.

In between the Idol Top Three singing their hearts out during the two-hour finale, numerous performers and guest stars showed up to sing songs or promote their upcoming ABC reality shows. Among them was Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin -- and it turns out Perry is apparently a big fan.

After professing her adoration for the new Bachelorette, Perry jokingly asked if she could "be in the running" to win Kufrin's heart during the upcoming season, and even got on her knees and kissed her hand.

"Yes, I’ll give you all my roses," the reality star sweetly responded.

"I'm not single but I still like you," Perry shared.

While Perry didn't mention her boyfriend by name, it's widely believed that the "Swish Swish" singer is dating her old flame Orlando Bloom, especially since the two have been spending a whole lot of time together in recent months.

The remark echoes a similar comment Perry made last month when speaking with ET alongside her fellow Idol judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. During the discussion, the topic of dating came up, including whether the judges would ever date a contestant.

"No, I'm sorry I have been spoken for and speak for myself," Perry said. "And I'm very happy!"

While the couple initially called it quits in February 2017, a source told ET that the former couple was giving their romance a "second chance," earlier this year. 

Then, just days after saying she was "spoke for," Perry and Bloom headed to Rome together, where they got the chance to meet Pope Francis.

During the trip, Perry also referred to the handsome actor as her "darling" in a sweet Instagram video.

Speaking with ET's Lauren Zima on Monday, following the American Idol finale, Perry didn't clarify the status of her relationship with Bloom, but she did address her fondness for the Bachelor Nation and her appreciation for the very concept of love itself.

"My friends are kind of cult watchers and I pop in every once in a while," Perry said. "And love is just a thing that connects us all and I think, you know, different levels of love, it's just amazing."

For more on Perry and Bloom's recent romantic trip to Rome, check out the video below.