Dr. Oz Says Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are ‘In Love’ After Visiting the Vatican With Them (Exclusive)

The daytime talk show host opened up to ET at the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Dr. Oz is totally shipping Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Korlando? Blerry?).

The 57-year-old TV doctor, whose full name is Dr. Mehmet Oz, opened up to ET’s Denny Directo at the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards about his recent encounter with Perry and Bloom at the Vatican in Italy over the weekend.

“Those folks are in love, and they were on the same wavelength,” Dr. Oz said of the couple. “We were talking to them after one of the dinners, and it was fascinating because they get each other. They understand each other and they speak as a couple. My wife and I were walking with them. They were just beautiful to see.”

Perry, 33, and Bloom, 41, were visiting the Vatican for the United to Cure event, an international conference to cure cancer. The American Idol judge, who was a speaker at the event, shared a few photos from Italy, and even referred to Bloom as her “darling” in an video in her Instagram Story.

This comes shortly after she told ET that she’s “spoken for” following rumors of a reconciliation between the former couple. The pair originally split in Feb. 2017, but have recently been fueling romance rumors, with this trip abroad only solidifying things.

In addition to witnessing their love connection, Dr. Oz also had his Daytime Emmy win to celebrate! The 57-year-old TV personality's show won for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative, while ET took home the Outstanding Entertainment News Program award.


It's orgasmic!” Dr. Oz said of the win. “I woke up this morning with my wife next to the Vatican. I was with the Pope yesterday because there was an ethics and medicine conference and I feel passionately about that. But I wanted to be here so much that I basically took a tour of European capitals, pinging around trying to get back here in time. I came right from the airport. That's how much this matters to me.

So how will he celebrate the win? In-N-Out Burger, of course! “Double double is worth it, it really is!” he dished. 

For more on Perry and Bloom, watch the clip below!


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