Katy Perry Splits Her Pants Laughing, Flashes the ‘American Idol’ Audience: Watch!

The singing show had to use the ‘Idol’ censors!

From Swish Swish to Rip Rip!

Katy Perry got overly excited on Monday’s American Idol, and shared the moment with her Twitter followers.

“I have good news and bad news today -- I won’t be able to live stream #AmericanIdol today but I CAN promise you some pants splitting fun,” the 33-year-old singer captioned a snippet from the show.

In the clip, Perry is laughing hard at something one of her fellow judges is saying when she rips her silver sequin bell bottoms.

“Oop! I just split my pants,” she declares before standing up and turning around to show the audience the large rip.

The hole was so large that American Idol sensors had to cover it up. Perry’s fellow judge, Lionel Richie, also tried to cover her up, following her around the stage and shielding her from the audience.

Meanwhile, Luke Bryan slipped his shades on to avert his gaze, as Perry grinned and continued to flash the split. Thankfully, Perry got some tape and the problem was quickly solved.

This isn’t the first time Perry has suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the show.

During an earlier audition on Idol, the pop star was dancing with Venezuelan contestant Michelle Sussett and fell while wearing a mini-dress and heels, exposing a little more than she’d planned.

Watch the clip below for more!

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7 Central on ABC.


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