Katy Perry Shares Sonogram of Unborn Daughter Giving Her 'A Middle Finger'

Katy Perry Shein

Katy Perry appeared to receive a feisty gesture from her unborn daughter on Mother’s Day!

The American Idol judge took to Instagram on Monday to share a sonogram of the baby girl, whom she’s expecting with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

“Oh, a little middle finger. Right up at ya,” a voice could be heard saying while the camera highlighted one of the baby’s hands.

“Oh my God that’s so funny,” Perry, 35, responded. “She literally is giving me a middle finger.”

Perry posted the video on her Instagram account, commenting on how she was “in for it” with her little girl.

“When your unborn daughter gives you a middle finger from the womb you know you’re in for it #happymothersdaytome?,” the singer wrote.

She also hilariously tagged the photo’s location as “Middle Finger Up.”

Perry’s growing baby bump could be seen on Sunday’s episode of American Idol, during which she dressed up as animated elephant Dumbo’s mom in honor of the episode’s Disney theme.

She also discussed impending motherhood with show host Ryan Seacrest.

"I don't know exactly what it means yet to be a mother," Perry shared. "Although I've always felt very mothering to my friends and my fans and stuff. But I know I'm about to step into the next level."

"[The baby] also kicks when the performances are good," Perry said, before instructing the contestants, "So, let them be good but not too good, because it's painful."

Perry, who revealed she was expecting a baby in March, addressed how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted her pregnancy journey during a Facebook Live chat earlier in May.

"I know not everyone does a babymoon or a baby shower, but I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do any of that," she said. "I'm just taking it one day at a time. But I'll be grateful. I mean, I'm grateful now, but there's a lot going on.”

The songstress recently talked to ET about juggling American Idol with preparing for motherhood and how she has found "necessary" balance during quarantine.

"It's actually good for me to prep this mindset, because even after quarantine is done and everyone goes out and celebrates, I'll probably be still at home," she said. "The crazy thing is, everyone's drinking during quarantine and I'm like, not!"

See more from ET's interview below.


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