Keanu Reeves Says 'Matrix 4' Is 'Something Very Special' (Exclusive)

Plus, why he never thought there would be a third 'Bill & Ted' movie.

Keanu Reeves has officially reentered the Matrix. Following production shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, Reeves is back on set of the forthcoming Matrix 4, reprising his role of Neo more than a decade and a half later. Calling from Berlin, where production has since resumed, he tells ET the shoot is going "great."

The fourth Matrix movie will unite Reeves with Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith for a new chapter, alongside franchise newcomers Neil Patrick Harris, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Priyanka Chopra and Jonathan Groff.

"It's really an honor and a privilege to be working on this story. Lana Wachowski, the writer and director, has created something very special," Reeves told ET's Rachel Smith. "I'm really grateful to be here, to be playing the role and having a chance to make a really awesome film."

The Matrix isn't Reeves' only franchise getting an unexpected follow-up. Back in 1991, ET visited the set of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and sat down with the titular excellent duo, Reeves and co-star Alex Winter, and asked about the possibility of a Bill & Ted 3.

"Who knows? All the studios we seem to get involved with crumble," a 26-year-old Reeves replied. "I think if it ever gets to three, there probably won't be Hollywood left and there won't be any distribution companies left to distribute the movie."

Watching his younger self now, Reeves deadpans, "They're full of life."

"We were young once upon a time," Winter says. "The funny thing is, you know, we had a lot of fun, we love working with each other, but we did not think about making a third one. We really didn't think all these years until the guys pitched us a really great idea."

In a prophetic sort of way, Reeves wasn't wrong: Hollywood is unlike it's ever been before, and Bill & Ted Face the Music won't have a traditional release. But we finally have our trilogy, no less with Bill and Ted still best buds after all these years and still set on saving mankind. "It's an extraordinary situation to revisit a character 30 years later," Reeves says.

Now the question remains, will there be a Bill & Ted 4? If Hollywood is still around and there are films being released, that is. "If we're lucky," Reeves played coy, with Winter weighing in, "It's up to the fans!"

Bill & Ted Face the Music is in theaters and on demand Aug. 28.