Keanu Reeves Reveals What He Thinks 'The Matrix' Movies Are Really All About (Exclusive)

The actor gets philosophical when talking to ET about the meaning behind the four 'Matrix' movies.

It's been over 20 years since The Matrix was released in theaters, and now Keanu Reeves is opening up about the meaning behind the hugely successful virtual reality-based franchise.

Neo himself spoke to ET's Matt Cohen on Monday and he couldn't help but get philosophical when asked if The Matrix, and the subsequent sequels, changed his take on reality.

"Yes," the 57-year-old actor admitted. "I think the ground of these films is this idea of compassion and love for all insentient beings. And we see it in the films with artificial intelligence programs, machines. And what was the future in 1999 and 2003 is our present."

On the notion that the 1999 film was ahead of its time cinematically, Reeves, who is reunited with Carrie-Ann Moss in The Matrix Resurrections, couldn't agree more.

"It was influential," he told ET. "I think the influences that went into The Matrix brought those influences to other filmmakers in terms of anime, camera angels, action. [It] started training actors and actresses to try and do more physical acting."

"I think the humor, the style and maybe, well, I don't know about the ambition," he added. "It's tough to make such an entertaining kind of science fiction film that's also about philosophy and big ideals."

Suffice to say, The Matrix hit it on the nail, and was a commercial success when it was released in theaters back in March 1999. The Matrix Reloaded soon followed in May 2003, with The Matrix Revolutions coming out nearly six months later.

The fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections, hits theaters on Dec. 22 and will stream on HBO Max.