Keith Urban on 'Creative' Quarantining With Nicole Kidman and His New Music Video (Exclusive) 

The singer's new music video for 'Polaroid' comes out on Friday.

Keith Urban is channeling his creativity amid quarantine. 

In an interview with ET's Rachel Smith, Urban opened up about how he and wife Nicole Kidman are keeping themselves from going "crazy" amid all going on in the world, and all this time at home. The singer, whose new music video for "Polaroid" comes out on Friday, has found new ways to focus on family and new music. 

"Someone the other day called me and they said, 'How are you doing?' and I'm like, 'Could we start with an easier question?' That used to be just an innocuous greeting and now it's got so much gravitas," Urban said, but quickly noted, "We're all good, the family's good."

"Everyone's healthy and staying active," he shared.

The "Blue Ain't Your Color" singer also said his family has been "creative" -- which might be the biggest key to him staying sane during the pandemic. "I guess no matter what you do or where you are, somehow we've got to keep staying as creative as we possibly can -- so a guy like me doesn't go crazy," he confessed. 

"[We've had] lots and lots of family time, and I've actually been really enjoying that, honestly. [We are] just being creative as a family with how we use our time and help other people in any ways we can do, even if it is something like an at-home concert," Urban said. "It's our little bit to try and help out."

The singer is also working on new music. "Luckily I had a lot of songs recorded, so I could just keep moving on with that in my studio downstairs, doing some vocals, guitar, stuff like that," he revealed. 

Occasionally, the singer's family steps in to join the fun. Kidman recently made headlines for her surprise appearance in his One World: Together at Home performance. "It's great having her here too, because it just feels loose," Urban said, crediting Kidman for crafting his vibe. 

This week, the GRAMMY winner's fans have a new music video to look forward to. The video for "Polaroid" will release on Friday. 

"It's centered around a pool party that's happening at a house," Urban described. "I'm super stoked with how the video turned out." 

Polaroid photos hold special memories for the artist. 

"When I moved to Nashville, we lived in this rundown, crappy house with a few of my bandmates. We used to have a lot of parties in that house and someone had given us a Polaroid camera at one point, so we started a sort of wall of Polaroids of different people," he recalled. "The great thing about the Polaroids is you can write stuff at the bottom of them and kind of capture this moment."

"So, that imagery was really strong for me when this song happened," Urban shared. "I could easily see the people in this song, so hopefully everyone listening has the same reaction." 

See more on Urban in the video below.