Keke Palmer's Sister Revealed as Contestant 'L.C.' on New 'Claim to Fame'

Palmer Sisters
ABC; Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The 'Nope' actress' older sister was unmasked, so to speak, on Monday's new 'Claim to Fame.'

It's all relative! Claim to Fame contestant L.C. was revealed on Monday's new episode to be none other than the older sister of Keke Palmer.

The ABC reality series features a group of people who have famous family members all living together in a house. During their time together, they all try to clandestinely guess each other's celeb relative while keeping their own a secret.

However, for a few of the contestants, their secret connections are revealed to the viewers at home -- while still being hidden from the other players. This was the case with L.C. -- who's real name is Loreal Palmer --  who won a competition on Monday's new episode earning her immunity from eviction.

However, in a private interview, Loreal revealed her bond with the Nope actress and explained how their relationship inspired her to sign on to the reality series.

"My sister and I are extremely close," Loreal shared. "I feel like she is my biggest cheerleader."

"The one thing I hope to gain out of this experience personally is more self-confidence," she continued. "I came into this game with horrible social anxiety, so this is me stepping out of the shadow and into the spotlight."

Recently, ET's Lauren Zima spoke to Keke about her sister's appearance on the show, and the actress was overcome with love and support for her sister.

"I'm living for her being on Claim To Fame, I mean she is giving her all. I'm so proud of her," she shared. "You know, everybody in my family is a real character, and obviously she's my older sister, so a lot of what you see and know of as me, I got from her. So I'm very excited."

Keke cautioned, however, that she knows exactly what might trip Loreal up when it comes to getting discovered.

"She's gonna have to keep her lips zipped," she explained. "We have similar cadences, the Palmer cadence is what we call it. So hopefully she doesn't let it slip out. But I'm so excited for her! She's a star."

Fans will get a chance to see Loreal continue to maintain her secret and compete for the show's $100,000 grand prize as Claim to Fame airs new episodes Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.