Kellan Lutz and Wife Brittany Expecting Baby After Suffering Miscarriage Earlier This Year

Kellan Lutz Brittany Gonzales
David Livingston/Getty Images

The couple shared that they are expecting a 'little promise baby.'

Kellan Lutz and wife Brittany have a "little promise baby" on the way! On Friday, the couple announced that they are expecting a child together, seven months after she suffered a miscarriage.

In an Instagram video, and after reading a passage from a book, Brittany showed off her "tiny little bump."

"A little promise baby! This is not a drill. This is not a throwback. This is another promise being fulfilled," she shared.

"This is real life," Kellan, 35, added. "We're pregnant again. If you guys don't know, we are pregnant again."


The couple then went on to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers.

"It was a surprise, obviously," Brittany shared. "It was a surprise losing our daughter at the beginning of the year. That was tough, and still is. There are hard moments, but ... I went through a lot and I'd still like to share my journey in some way that I can."

"Here we are with another little promise," she continued. "We're so excited."

In February, the couple lost their baby girl at six and a half months. Calling his wife his "Wonder Woman," Kellan explained on Instagram that it has been a "crazy rollercoaster of a week with a lot of emotions" and that they lost their daughter.

Brittany also shared the sad news on her Instagram, writing in part, "It was my absolute honor and pleasure to be your mom these last 6 months. I did my best and it was an absolute joy seeing your little face all those times on that screen and feeling your tiny kicks. I don’t know why it happened the way it did, but part of me finds so much peace knowing you never experienced pain or heartache and never will. You’re in the arms of Jesus now and one day we will get to meet you for real. Until I see you in heaven... your mommy loves you so much. ?⁣."

A month later, Kellan said that he and Brittany were not giving up on their desire to become parents.

"We can't wait to try again when the time is right God willing," he wrote on Instagram, before quoting a Bible verse from the book of Ecclesiastes.