Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About 4-Year-Old Son's Hearing Issues Holding Him Back Developmentally

Kelly Clarkson and Remy
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She also talked about how quarantine has affected her family dynamic.

Kelly Clarkson is opening up about how a "simple" issue with her son Remy's ears has held him back developmentally with his speech. The 38-year-old singer and talk show host spoke with People magazine about her 4-year-old son's "speech problem" which was a result of an ear problem he had as a baby that his parents didn't know about. 

Noting that Remy "spoke as if he was underwater," Clarkson revealed that she and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, thought their little boy might be "deaf."

After meeting with a specialist, they discovered that Remy's ears were "clogged up" with a "ton of wax," affecting his hearing. 

The "simple" health issue "pushed him back almost nine months" in both his speech development and interpersonal skills. 

"We've been working really hard with his speech and he's still doing his speech therapist via Zoom. The big milestone for us is Remy getting to really find out his own personality and his identity, because it's been frustrating for him to not be able to really vocalize his emotion," Clarkson revealed. "The fact that he's making full sentences now and full-on engaging with us is really a blessing."

But despite this progress, Clarkson spoke to Seth Meyers on Late Night on Thursday, admitting that she's still struggling with her two youngest kids, Remy, and 5-year-old daughter, River while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"River and Remy, the little ones, are usually best buds. They always call each other their best friends, but it's usually because they go to separate schools because they're two years apart. They have time apart and then they come together," Clarkson explained. "This has been like World War III at my house at times... One day I'm having the greatest day ever and they're so sweet and the next it's like they're Satan incarnate. I'm just like, 'Why are you so mean?'"

Clarkson celebrated her birthday last month and as a special treat, she requested she spend the day alone. 

"I literally looked at my husband because it was a rough week of work and non-stop everything, and I said, 'I don't want to cook one damn meal. I don't want to clean one article of clothing. If my children want to come in and hug me, that's fine, and then they leave because it's been just constant,'" she noted. "It's been nuts. No matter what you do, whatever arts and crafts thing I do on top of all the work... so for my birthday I literally asked to be left alone."

Clarkson opened up about her tough birthday week in a sweet post. Watch the clip below for more: