Kelly Clarkson Shares the Hardest Thing She Had to Learn Before Hosting a Talk Show

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Kelly Clarkson claims to have a serious weakness when it comes to hosting a talk show — listening!

The hit-making recording artist turned TV personality paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show on Tuesday, where she discussed prepping her upcoming daytime gig, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and hilariously admitted that, when it comes to making sure her guests feel heard, she has some work to do.

“I do need to learn, and I have literally been watching, like, I’ve seen your show, tons of it, but I watch all your episodes and Oprah’s and everyone’s 'cause I’m like, ‘How do I listen?’” she explained. “‘Cause I was not good at listening.”

The 36-year-old mother of two went on to explain that she and her team have even come up with some tricks to ensure she doesn’t do all the talking on her new show.

“I literally had Alex [Duda], who’s producing the show, I literally had her… draw an airplane on a big giant card and, like, ‘Land it.’ 'Cause I don’t shut up.”

DeGeneres was encouraging with regard to Clarkson’s dilemma, suggesting that she get the hang of listening at home.

“No, it’s definitely important to listen,” DeGeneres dryly chided as the audience cracked up. “That is one of the biggest things… Practice with your husband and then that would be good for the marriage, and then it would be good for the show too.”

Check out the amazing exchange in the clip above.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is scheduled to premiere in the fall on NBC.


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