Kelly Clarkson Slams Twitter Troll Who Dissed Teenage 'God Bless America' Singer at Indy 500

Kelly CLarkson at 2019 billboard music awards
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

Kelly Clarkson is standing up for her friends.

On Sunday, both Clarkson and Chevel Shepherd, who won season 15 of The Voice on Clarkson's team, performed at the 2019 Indianapolis 500. Clarkson wowed the crowd with her rendition of the National Anthem, while 16-year-old Shepherd was equally impressive during her "God Bless America" performance.

However, one Twitter troll wasn't pleased with Shepherd's performance, and took to Twitter to dub it the "WORST version" of the song, tagging Clarkson as they mistakenly thought she was the one to perform the track.

"I didn’t actually sing that song today but the 16 yr old girl that did, nailed it," Clarkson wrote in response. "Also, think about the fact that U signed in online & took the time 2 drag a 16 yr old girl. Really think about it because Ur showing the worst side of U & I have faith that you’re cooler than this."

Prior to the Twitter troll's comment, both Clarkson and Shepherd gushed over the other's performance on social media, writing that they "killed it."

While Clarkson and Shepherd's performances both went on without a hitch, Clarkson had a more iffy moment just before she took the stage. The 37-year-old singer was making her way to perform when she tripped. Clarkson handled the moment like a champ, quickly assuring everyone that she was OK.

"???? best part of my day is always revealing to people that might not know how utterly not cool I am," Clarkson quipped in response to a video of her stumble. "That damn crack was hidden by the carpet man! #Indy500"

Watch the video below for more on Clarkson. 


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