Kelly Clarkson Talks About Recording New Single 'I Dare You' in 6 Languages

Kelly Clarkson
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Kelly Clarkson dropped her new single, "I Dare You," on Thursday, as well as multiple duets of the song performed in English and five different languages with five native-speaking artists. If that wasn't impressive enough, the songstress managed to record them all in a matter of days.

Clarkson joined Jimmy Fallon via video chat for Thursday's Tonight Show: Home Edition, and she opened up about the impressive accomplishment.

"Even before the pandemic, I've had this song, this project, we've been working on it for over a year," Clarkson explained, and that when it came time to finally record her part of the song in other languages she "literally begged" her label to give her plenty of time to prepare for the challenge.

"It's not their fault, it's just how it happened, but I was like, 'Please don't send me all these languages at once, to record at once.' And I recorded all of them in four days," Clarkson revealed.

For the multiple duets, Clarkson was joined by French songstress Zaz for the French version, Moroccan performer Faouzia for the Arabic version, Blas Cantó for the Spanish version, Israeli songstress Maya Bouskilla for the Hebrew version and electropop duo Glasperlenspiel for the German version.

"I thought I was going to have a brain aneurysm one night," Clarkson said, regarding the incredibly tight recording schedule. "Because my brain -- I mean, I've never even spoken Hebrew or Arabic, you know?"

According to Clarkson, she "grew up singing opera" and learned how to sing in multiple languages as a child.

"When you're a kid you want to sing Whitney Houston, right? So I wasn't like, 'Yeah, opera!' But now I think it's beautiful and I thought it would be cool one day if like in my career, there was a song that kind of lent itself to that," she explained.

Clarkson's said her new tune, "I Dare You" is really about daring people to love and to open to being loved.

"I feel like were in a world -- even before pandemic times, I mean this song ironically is very fitting right now, but before pandemic times -- it's no secret like, as a nation, we're super divided," Clarkson shared. "As a world we're getting even more divided."

"So I thought this song would be cool to do in that sense and then all this happened and we were like, 'Well, I guess we'll just keep the release date,' since we're super connected now globally," she added.


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