Kelly Clarkson Thought She Was 'Asexual' Before Meeting Husband Brandon Blackstock

The GRAMMY winner says she was 'ready to take it all off' the moment he walked by.

Kelly Clarkson's life changed the moment she met her husband, Brandon Blackstock -- in more ways than one. 

The 35-year-old singer opened up about her marriage during a private show for SiriusXM listeners at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on Friday, revealing that Blackstock was the first man she ever felt sexually attracted to. 

"This isn’t a downer to anybody I dated before him, but I’m just going to be real: I never felt like, honesty, sexually attracted to anybody before him,” Clarkson admitted. “And I’m not downing my exes. You know, everybody’s different. But there was something about him.”

“I honestly thought I was asexual -- I’d never been turned on like that in my whole life,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Oh that’s that feeling… okay! That’s what they were talking about in Waiting to Exhale.’ I just got it. I just didn’t have a clue."

The pair first met at the Country Music Awards in 2006, when she was performing a duet with Rascal Flatts. Blackstock was the group's manager at the time -- and he was also married. 

“My guitar player’s wife, Ashley, was my date for that night and we had just both been in crap relationships,” Clarkson explained. “Sometimes it sucks dating because it’s so many wrong ones until you get the right one. And we were like, ‘Okay, what we’ve been doing wrong here’ -- because it was a country music event and we’re both southern girls -- we were like, ‘We’ve been dating skinny jeans and we need Wranglers.'"

“Literally, I’m not joking, he walked past us at that time,” Clarkson continued. “And he walked by, I was like, ready to take it all off. I just felt something.”

However, as Clarkson explained she "ain't that girl" -- so never made a move, and didn't even see Blackstock again until 2012, when he and his then-wife, Melissa Ashworth, had divorced. The pair's fateful meeting came at the Super Bowl in 2012, when Clarkson was performing the national anthem, and Blake Shelton, whom Blackstock manages, was singing "America the Beautiful." 

“We didn’t really know each other, I had just met him that one time,” Clarkson shared. “Just from that one time, even six years later, I had never really dated anyone. I honest to God thought, ‘Is this what it’s like to be asexual?’ I was just not attracted to people.”

“I was so nervous because it wasn’t that I didn’t want to suck for the millions of people watching, I didn’t want to suck because I was trying to impress a guy,” she cracked. “I wanted him to be like, ‘Damn.’ It had nothing to do with the Super Bowl!”

“We didn’t even know each other, but he had walked past me once and there was a moment in my crazy head,” she said. “He thought I hated him, too. When I finally confessed that, ‘I really dig you,’ He was so shocked because he thought I hated him. I hadn’t let on that I liked him. Inside I was like, ‘Ask me out!’ but outside I was like, ‘I love being single and coming home every night alone. It’s awesome.’"

As for how Clarkson was able to get Blackstock interested, she wouldn't say -- "It involved alcohol. You get really bold when you're drunk," she teased -- but the two finally got together, and tied the knot in 2013. 

“It’s a hard thing to find that feeling," she said. “I always tell [my stepdaughter, Savannah], ‘Wait it out. Wait until you get those goosebumps.’ Because if it’s not, it’s not worth it.”

Clarkson and Blackstock now have four kids together -- his 16-year-old daughter, Savannah, his 10-year-old son, Seth, their 3-year-old daughter River and 18-month old son Remington. See what the GRAMMY winner told ET about her family life in the video below.