Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter River Rose Gets a Personalized Present From Wonder Woman Gal Gadot: Pic!

Kelly Clarkson's daughter River
Getty Images

‘Your mom is a true Wonder Woman.’

Forget Santa Claus, every little girl needs a gift from Wonder Woman this year! Kelly Clarkson’s adorable 3-year-old daughter, River Rose, got just that on Tuesday.

Clarkson,35, shared a sweet pic of River playing with Wonder Woman action figures and held up the hand-written note from actress Gal Gadot.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH @gal_gadot for the awesome presents for River Rose!! She LOVES them! You’ve made a little girl very happy ? #galgadotforthewin,” Clarkson captioned the pic with her daughter. 

Gadot’s personalized note is even cuter, reading, “Dearest River Rose, I wish you all the best. Your mom is a true Wonder Woman.”

And while River seemed very excited by her new toys, Clarkson recently told ET that she had a very challenging request for Santa this year.

"She said, 'Boobies and a tail like Little Mermaid,'" Clarkson told ET. "You know, like, the shells that she wears? She said that and I was like, 'Oh my God. How am I going to get that?' Yeah, that's what my daughter asked Santa Claus for."

Clarkson added, "I'm gonna make it happen. I don't know how I'm going to make that, but, yeah."

For more from Clarkson, watch the clip below!