Kelly Osbourne Details Her Relapse and How Her Boyfriend Helped Get Her Back on Track

She opens up on the 'Armchair Expert' podcast about the moment she relapsed.

Kelly Osbourne is owning her recent setback. The 36-year-old TV personality opens up about relapsing after almost four years of sobriety on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast. 

Though the pandemic took its toll on her sobriety journey and working with a recovery program, Osbourne says that she made it through the worst of the lockdown sober. 

"Slowly but surely I stopped calling my sponsor. Slowly but surely I stopped connecting with my girls," she admits to Shepard. "Slowly but surely one girl relapsed and then another girl relapsed and then all my friends relapsed. I made it all the way through the worst part of lockdown."

In fact, Osbourne didn't relapse until things started going well for her. 

"Don't know what happened. Everything started to go f**king amazing," she says. "I'm the girl that when things go incredible and everything's where you think it should be and you suddenly find yourself in what you think happiness is, I went, 'Oh I'm normal now, I'm happy. I don't need any of this f**king s**t. I lasted this whole pandemic without anything.'" 

The moment happened when Osbourne was sitting by a pool by herself and saw a woman drinking a glass of champagne. 

"I was like, 'I want one of them.' I just had one and it was fine and I had a great time and I didn't think anything of it," she shares. "Then a couple weeks went by and I thought, 'I did it then, I could do that again.'" 

She says that two weeks after that time she was on a downward spiral. 

"Did embarrassing s**t, blacked out. I can't drink the same that I used to. It wasn't fun," she says, telling Shepard that she did not do drugs as she is on anti-depressants and was afraid of mixing them. 

"It wasn't until I found myself last weekend covered in ranch dressing by my friend's pool, sunburnt, looking like a piece of s**t that I was like, 'Maybe I don't have this under control,'" she recalls. 

Osbourne adds that after dating for five months, it was her boyfriend who helped to get her back on track with just a look. Osbourne did not directly name her boyfriend, but she has been recently romantically linked to cinematographer Erik Bragg. 

Calling the relationship the "healthiest" she's ever been in, Osbourne says her boyfriend calls her out on things. Following her relapse, however, he didn't have to say a word. 

"He didn't say anything. He just gave me a look," she says. "It was while he was working out and I just sat on the couch watching him work out [while I was] drunk, and he was doing a burpee and he turned his head to the side and just looked at me and I was like, [gasp], I go, 'OK, I'm done.'" 

She called her sponsor the next day, posted the video on Instagram opening up about her relapse, and signed up for a month of therapy. 

Osbourne calls the Instagram video, which she shared in mid-April, her "insurance policy."

"That's my accountability," she says. 

Shepard can relate to Osbourne as he too admitted to relapsing on prescription medication. Hear his story in the video below.


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